Saturday, May 7, 2011

Please Do Not.

I know I am not a mother much less a parent...I know that I am only a preschool teacher with a passion for kids...and psh!! What do I know about taking care of a child...raising a baby?! Only what I observe, read in books or see in the movies...yes, I really know nearly nothing. No, actually, I take that back...I know "textbook" how to raise a child...but experience...No, I lack experience in that field.

I know babysitting is really not the same, but I guess that's the closest that I can say. That and being a preschool teacher. I guess it also helps that I did do some classes in child psychology and behavior. Still I think experience is the best teacher.

I will never really know if I can raise a child until I have my own child to raise. Being a babysitter and preschool teacher most likely can not compare. One thing  I do know is that children is my passion; Child development and growth.

My heart burns with anger when I see, hear, or even know of a child who is or has been abused, neglected, and/or hurt. Children are very vulnerable, they mimic everything and they are most definitely not stupid. They are much smarter than we think or people give them credit for. They pick up the things we don't even realize and copy everything around them. They tell the truth. Granted sometimes they will lie...but for the most part, they will tell you how it is.

Please do not bring your child to school with vomit in their hair...with no shoes...with last night dinner clinging to their clothes. Yes, it is very obvious when you do not change their underwear for the whole weekend or do not brush their teeth. All this makes me angry...not at the child but at those who allow their child to come to school like that.

In saying all those who have children, who are parents, who have stepped up to the challenge and responsibility to raising a child/children...I admire you. One day I pray to have the same privilege as you. I know that there is no manual for raising a baby...and that is probably a difficult ,but enjoying, yet frustrating job. Keep doing the good work.

"Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners."