Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Liya.
So on May 11, 2008 little Liya was last Wednesday the little cutie turned 3 years old. I can not even describe the energy this little one has! The day that I met her, I fell in love with her...she is such a cutie and she is so full of energy. I love babysitting her...because there is NEVER a dull moment with Liya...I would say that when she sleeps, that can be a dull moment...but she hates going to sleep coz I think she is afraid that she will miss something or something. *laughs*

Liya is part of my Ohana here in Hawaii...she is the only girl in the grandchildren...and you can tell she is the boss of all the little boys! *laughs* We had family night at her house instead of "Tu Tu and Pa Pa's" house...[where we normally have it] to celebrate her birthday. I guess it was an all day affair with different people coming at different times...ending with family night with the Ohana. [I juss realized...Friday the 13th today!!...what a lucky day! :)]

My sister had made the desserts for the party...and our kitchen looked like it blew up bright pink and princess stuff all over the place! My sister made cupcakes and a cake and cake pops...I would say that it was so least it smelled yummy...but in support of Kuya Neal running the 1/2 marathon at the end of this month...we can't eat sugar! Well, he can't...his trainer advised him not too, and to support him, we all have given up sugar for this month....yes, it is very doubt about that! *laughs*...but I'm sure that it will be all worth it at the end.

Sucks for him though...coz his birthday is this month...he can't have a cake...but we said that once this month is over...wham bam...we are going to go all out! *laughs*
But yeah, Liya's parents [her mom who is actually my boss when I work weddings] rented out a jumper style thingy...oh mandope that was fun! It was BBQ...and that was yummy...same goes for Auntie Michele's famous salad...oh goodness that was yummy! I just love seeing Liya so happy. She loves princess and pink [yep, my kind of girl!! *laughs*] and so she had a lot of princess related presents...and she was a very happy little girl that night...full of hugs for everyone.

Happy birthday, Liya...I love you little princess! *hugs*