Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kuya Neal!

So, today is Kuya Neal's birthday and I just got back from his birthday dinner at this mexican restaurant. I don't remember the name of the restaurant though, but it's a new mexican dinner place that we haven't gone to yet. Well, it's not new, just that we haven't been there before today...and mexican is his favorite kind of food...the food was yummy and the company was even better...!!

Super sucks cake. Since we are all [at least Kaleo, Tracy, Faith, Jeremy and I] are on a no sugar diet since Kuya Neal, Tracy and Kaleo will be running the Hibiscus [1/2] Marathon at the end of this month and yeah...and since we are very supportive family, my sister, brother and I aren't going to eat sugar either. And yes, it's hard. At least on my end it is! *laughs* And I'm pretty sure on everyone elses' end as well! *laughs* Oh well...

We went on our regular swimming at Queen's in town...but choked for the first time! It was high tide so the water was extra high...but I like swimming at least 1/3 of a mile out before I start my official mile swim [which takes me about 1.25 hours-ishy]...and I was pretty far out there...scary, yeah, I have to suck up my fear...but I love swimming in the ocean. Anyways, I like to swim out so that I'm further out from the shore...and I do think that it's scary, but I'm okay as long as I can see the bottom of where I'm swimming and for the most part I can.

Well, I'm not really sure, coz when I swim at Magic Island, Ala Moana...I can't see anything...but I feel safest there [but I really don't like the taste in the water there much less the sounds in the water!]...but I like Queens because I also feel safe there, and when I swim there, it's also like snorkeling. I know that there is a lot of coral out there, so that is why I swim far out first...and since it was high tide it shouldn't have been a problem...but I guess while I was swimming I wasn't really paying attention because I had a mini heart panicking moment. I somehow swam myself in this tight corner of coral...I was swimming when I noticed the the coral was surrounding me...I turned around and I couldn't find the way out! I was trapped and I panicked! Oh my one was around me and I was pretty far out and guess what happened was the current had pulled me in closer to shore than I realized being high tide and everything and I got stuck in the was not a good feeling. I told myself that I either was going to drown, get eaten by some crazy fish/shark/eel...or get my ass out of there.

It was a lot of mind games though...I thought I was done for! But I got out of there...and I was jumpy the rest of the time. I guess I can say that I was about a third done of my normal mile, but I couldn't relax anymore.... Seriously though, when I finally found my way out of the high coral, I couldn't figure out how I got there in the first place...the tiny swim place that I had to swim through to get there was really tiny...and I really must have not realized it...[the water isn't super clear, just enough to see the bottom at this certain places]. I'm glad that I got out of there...I'll try it again sometime this week...but wow, I hope that never happens again.

But yeah, happy birthday, Kuya Neal! [Oh yeah, I got his this exercise heart monitor's what he wanted...from my brother and I.]