Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early morning randomness.

This week has been a welcomed relief kind of week. Oh, don't get me wrong, it still had it's challenges that crowded around the edges of the "calm"...but compared to last week, oh yes, this week was definitely a laid back kind of week. It's already Thursday and I haven't had to work overtime once. Yes, it's good to make more money working overtime, but doing it me out! And doing it when I'm not mentally prepared for it...everyday, exhausts my mind! And doing it when working overtime isn't the hardest part of it because everything else is going wrong just makes me sooo ugh!!! *laughs* So, yes, I didn't have to work overtime this least so far.

And although this is a "relief kind of week" it kind of gets me worried. We have fourteen little 2/3 year olds in my class. Monday, only 8 show up. Tuesday, only 8 show up. Wednesday, only 9 show up. Yes, I understand that not everyday everyone is going to show up...but seriously it's very rare that a child is gone for more than a day without the parents calling in to let us know what was up. It's also very rare that so many at one time is gone; so yes, I am feeling a bit concerned. Hopefully today the ones that haven't been showing up will be back.

One of my little ones have already moved up a "grade"...and another new one has taken his place. But the little one that has moved up is so cute. You can see him "secretly" wave and "Miss" Nicole and I when he passes our room, and when all the kids have outside freetime, he loves running up to us and telling us all about his day...and giving "lovies" [his word for hugs] galore because "I miss you, but I'm a big boy now." It's fun watching him walk in line with the other kids with this big smile on his face because he is with the "older kids" I miss the little guy, but I'm super glad that he's getting a long with his teachers and new classmates.

Oh!! Tuesday...I almost got hit by a car!! So I was walking to school minding my own business when all of a sudden a car pulls in on the sidewalk nearly hitting me. I did hit it...coz it came so close and then break really hard when the driver realized that yes, someone was walking on the sidewalk. Oh okay, yes, I might have understood a little is I was walking through a driveway...but I wasn't I was one the frikin' damn sidewalk...when this car, yes, went over the frikin curb and nearly hit me...oh my goodness people! What was that!? My first reaction was, "What the f*uck, brah!?"...then "Oh sh!t, I almost died!" Oh okay...hopefull *knock on wood* I wouldn't have if I did get hit, but come on now. The driver first rolled down the window and asked if I was okay, then he got out of the car and made sure that he was okay...yes, I was...but since he didn't hit me [but he was thisclose] I couldn't really do anything...I do give him props for not looking at the spot where I smacked the car with my hand when the car came up next to me. *laughs* Not that I can't do any damage to it! It's a car for crying out loud...and I most likely will not be able to make a dent in the car when I hit it with my hand. *laughs*

Well, since I woke up again at 6:am...I already am all ready for work...and I have a few minutes to kill before it's time to walk to I think I'm going to read a chapter out of the book that I'm's a really good's a series actually...a trilogy really, but I'll tell you more about it later when I come back home for work...yep, yep, yep!!

"Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning?"-Coleman Cox