Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dessert Buffet. Happy Sabbath to you!! Starting on Thursday, our refrigerator has been empty of food that we can eat. It was nearly empty...basically it was unless you wanted to count the ketchup, bbq sauce, honey and what nots in the door part of the fridge...yeah, I was like where is the food...then my sister started to bake...

....and bake....

....and bake....

....and bake....

and you get the point.

I didn't realize that she was going to be baking SO MUCH different kinds of desserts! And poor us in the house, we are on a no sugar/no sweets diet for this month to support Kuya Neal and Tracy and Uncle Rod on their 1/2 marathon run tomorrow! Believe me, when I got home Thursday and Friday and all day today I have never been so tempted until them to eat one of my sister's yummy creations!

So congratulations to Pastor Jesse who was ordained today at Kaneohe SDA Church. The church that he grew up in. It was about an 1 1/2 program and afterwards we had a "feast"....and the main "attraction" was my sister's dessert buffet. And I have to say it looked really nice. Of course everyone in the house helped and them Josh, Tracy, and Kaleo helped when we transfered everything to the church. It was funny because everyone crowded around the dessert buffet rather than the "real" food...and we had to watch them...there were about 300 people in attendance.

Well, here are pictures that Tracy and my sister managed to take before the table was bombarded with hands grabbing this and that...oh how I wanted to try...

My sister and my two brothers helping my sister out in the kitchen. I'm so proud of all of us...we didn't try one thing...and let me tell you it was pretty tempting!!

The amazing Lemon MeltAway...and literally these cookies melt in your mouth...and they are not even that heavy in the stomach nor too sweet in the mouth...these are pretty yummy.

Mini Chocolate Torte topped with mint leaf and a raspberry....I've never tried these ones before...but these sure went quick! I hope she makes them again soon!

Fluffy Coconut Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting topped with an orange mandarin. These are one of my favorite cupcakes that my sister makes.

Miracle/Magic/Ooey Gooyey/7-layer (whateveryoucallitt) Bars. One of my top 5 favorite things that my sister make that top 2 things that my sister bakes...these are the best ever! They taste like almond joys/mounds but in bar form or something...these I absolutely love!

I'm not really a peanut/peanut butter fan...but these were a top hit at the reception...I believe these were the first one out...nearly a tie actually with the chocolate torte and oreo torte things...but basically my sister puts another recess pieces cup in the middle for a peanut butter/chocolate gooey surprise.

Little oreo cups with a decadent layer of chocolate and fresh strawberries topped with freshly whipped vanilla cream. These went really fast too...I didn't get to try it, but at least I got to eat all the extra strawberries that we didn't use!

The Double Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies...[well, if she had gingersnaps up in there,  I would have been happy too! *laughs* Those are my top favorite!] that my sister makes! Towards the end, my friend Robin ended up dumping the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies on a plate and sneaking them home! *laughs* I even told him where the extra ones were! Oh, they were sooo yummy...well, I don't know about these ones...but when I did try them before. *laughs*

My sister also made other creations...her signature red velvets were there...and her new red velvet mini cakes [I haven't tried those ones yet]...but this picture was take before everyone touched anything! *laughs*

And a congratulation to the newly-ordained Pastor Jesse and so happy for Shilhi [yep, my wedding designer/florist boss!]

Well, it was a long baking day...and we even took down the whole place so I am very exhausted. I'm out!