Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beginning of May.
So I stayed up late last night, I couldn't sleep for the life of me...I finally fell asleep around least that was the last time I remembered looking at the time. I seriously tried to go to sleep. I mean, I know that I had to coz today [Sunday] is my major workout day and I need all the energy that I can get...but no, I couldn't sleep. I had no caffeine. So, I didn't know what was wrong...maybe I was thinking too much. I mean, it is a new month, and new beginning...but I think that every day is a new beginning...
I finally drifted off to sleep when my phone goes off. It's 5:ishy am...It's my sister..."Rabbit! Rabbit!" Awww...mandope! She got me this month! Oh well, that's the beauty of it all, there is always next month. Plus she IS 3 hours ahead of me so she was more awake to text that. If she would have waited one more hour, I would have woken up and got her. Yeah, even though I went to sleep in the wee hours in the morning, my body still woke up at 6:01am...granted, I choose to stay in bed try to relax for like 15 minutes before I gave up and got up and ready for my day.

In about hour and a half I'll be making my way over to Queens Park to go swimming for a couple of hours. I think I'm going to skip out on the running part of my "major workout day"...I have been feeling under the weather...and playing volleyball last Monday, I think I twisted my left ankle coz it's been hurting more this past week...but oh my goodness, excuses. Oh well, I'll make up for it.
Lets see, this month. May. My goals for this month, as always, I need to exercise more. Maybe I'm getting more obsessive in getting in shape...but that is a good thing. I've gained so much unwanted weight when I returned from the Philippines and I want too get rid of it. So easy to gain, but so hard to loose. I do plan to join 24 Fitness with my friend. We were suppose to start last week, but that didn't happened with the crazy work schedule, and she has two jobs...and her other job had her coming in at odd hours. It was a crazy week for a lot of us. But this month, yes, 24 Fitness here we come. We plan to do the whole Zumba, Turbo Kick, 24Cycling, and lift weights...lets see how we do.

I need to start training properly. I don't know how I'll fit in the swimming now that I plan to do the 24 Fitness Gym...but I'll fit it in. If I am going to be a race in July, I need to start swimming more times a week. I hate swimming in the public pool...but I guess I will have too. Not as much buoyancy...but I'll be okay.

I don't really have anything else planned for this month. It'll be more spontaneous in what I'm going to be doing. It is the birthday month of my closest that she is in the mainland. Oh, and my brother [in-law]'s birthday is also this month. Sucks though because he will be running in a 1/2 marathon race at the end of this week after his birthday, and so he can't eat anything sweet or junk food this whole month. So yes, we do plan to celebrate his birthday after his race.

I  do hope that I get rid of this cough that has crept up on me though! Oh, it's such a bother...

I need more patience this month...less tolerance and more patience. I need to work on that.
And how can I forget...Mother's Day. I miss my mom so much. Last month I thought about her and my dad a lot...I always think of them. I miss them and I hate the distance between us. I rarely hear from them, and when I do, the connection is so choppy, it leaves me with more tears then when I haven't heard from them in a while. I miss them...I don't have an address to send them things. I don't have a number to contact them on a daily basis...and so I have no way to let my mommy know that I am extra thinking of her on the day we honor mothers...I hope she knows in her heart how much I miss much I love much I just wish to see her again and give her a big hug.

But I do hope this is another successful month, that it won't crawl along slowly, that it won't past too fast, and that I learn a lot through it.

Here's to the month of May!!

"It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"- Mark Twain
I have had this song in my head since I woke up!!! *laughs* A wonderful way to start this month!