Thursday, May 12, 2011

24 Hour Fitness.

I am so sore. Sore. Sore. Sore. Yes...I am sore. I haven't done something like this in a long time. Yes, I do go swimming a lot...but for some reason, I'm not that sore after swimming for 2-3 hours straight. I don't know why...I know I have gotten used to it because at first my arms would hurt like a mofo...but now, it's nothing but gliding through the water...well, I take that back it is like gliding through the water until the waves and rain come...and most especially when you are stuck in a current and all your arm strokes are feeling like they are not taking you anywhere.
But I did it...finally...after saying that I would be doing it for so friend, Tiare, and I finally went and signed me up for 24 Hour Fitness in Kaneohe today after work. She has been a member for a while, but she wanted someone to go she has been trying to get me to join...and I did want to...but always all these excuses kept coming up...but nope, not today, I told her this morning, T, i'm going no matter what and I did. And boy is my body tired. I'm not sleepy...and yes, my body is sore...but you know now that I think about it, it's not really sore...more like exhausted.
I took two classes back to back...the first one was Turbo Kick...and that one kicked my ass! It was intense...constant jabbing, kicking, moving...and I was sweating like who knows what in the first ten minutes! And get this this HOT GUY was standing right next to me! Say what!? I was like...why?! why?! why?! *laughs* Coz I was standing in the back...and he looked like he knew what he was doing...and so why stand in the back?! But he was really helpful...he knew the routine and I talked to him before we started and told him that this was my first time...and so he would say out-loud what would happen next. He was nice..everyone was nice. But it sure was exhausting no doubt!

Right after that I did Zumba...the hottie stayed for this one too [the teacher for my turbo kick is his friend, and the teacher for my zumba class was the turbo kick teacher's friend...and zumba teacher challenged turbo kick teacher to stay and turbo kick teacher challenged hottie to stay...get it?! *laughs*] I thought I would be so lost...I actually moved up with my friend near the front. It wasn't as intense as turbo kick but just as fun...literally I felt like dancing...and I do love to dance. *laughs*
T and I went upstairs afterwards to lift weights some...and oh my goodness...oh okay...going to the beach here, you will see hot guys...and going to the gym...also major hot guy hang out! *laughs* Talk about being self-conscious! But they were least the ones that I talked too...but wow...they had NICE NICE NICE bodies...and I was! Don't look at me! *laughs*

Well, I really want to go take a shower brother just got out and I want to run in there to wash and yeah...but yes!! I did it! I am now an official member of 24 Hour Fitness...lets see where all this goes! :)

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental state."-Carol Welch