Friday, April 22, 2011

Working Late.

These past few days I have to work late. I usually just work until 4:30-5:pm, depending on the pick-up of the children...and now I'm covering for another co-worker who took a vacation and I work until 6:00-6:30pm...I know that it's like only like an hour-hour and half more...but by that time, I feel to tried to do anything else. I really don't like working this shift, but hey, it's more hours. And as the children dwindle down, I get to have more one-on-one time with the children whose parents pick them up at the later time.

And I get to swing on the swings. :)

There is this one boy who was picked up last yesterday and I was talking to him. We both were on the swings...and we were both just talking story, and the conversation that I had with him was an amazing and fun one. I wish people who were stressed out could just take the time to talk to a child, their mind is just this amazing thing that it really is an honor to listen to them talk, their thoughts, their ideas.

His matter-of-fact way that he talks makes me smile. His explanation for certain things is so awesome in it's simplicity...why are lions loud and rabbits quiet? [Lions want attention because the bunnies get them all coz they are so cute. Baby lions are cute too, so thats why they aren't as loud as the daddy.] Why does it rain when the sun is out? [Because when it's hot I want to go swimming. But the sun can't swim, so it just rains.] Why we have sand in the sandbox? [So that we can build sandcastles] What about the sand outside the sandbox? [So that we can also build sandcastles outside the sandboxes when there are too many people in the sandbox.]

The stories that they tell are so fun too. The things that we don't even think about becomes a memorable event for the child. Even their make-believe stories make me laugh to listen too. One of the things that I always say when a child tells me a story is, "And then what happened?!" Oh the things they come up with. One of my little rascals was telling me about the new dog he got because he showed me his slipper and how his dog likes to chew on it [and then what happened?] and he had to get it so that the dog won't eat it [and then what happened?!] and then his sister wanted to play with him [and then what happened?!] but then she had to go to school [and then what happened] and he wanted his ball to play with [and then what happened?] but he brought goodie bags for everyone in the class [and then what happened?!]...yeah, it can go on for's so cute!

So yeah, even though I hate working late because I just hate closing up and all that, I do loving talking and playing with the last few kids, trying to get their mind off the fact that they are the last ones to be picked up. Try just stopping one day to hear the day of a always reminds me that no matter what happens a child will make an ordinary day turn out to be the best day of their life.

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."-John Fitzgerald Kennedy