Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a week.
This week was a tough week for me. It started out great with a simple phone call, then from there it was a struggle to keep the smile on my face. Everyday I had to work overtime. Not complaining there, just super frustrated with the lack of communication. I had things planned that had to be pushed back or even cancel because of the last minute overtime. And I'm talking about the super last minute over time, like 4:30pm rolls around and as I am leaving, "Oh yeah, can you please stay for 2 more hours?!" What?! And by that time, even if I said no, it would be illegal to leave the remaining teacher with no one else to stay behind.

I talked to the director about it. So I hope that things like that doesn't happen again. But I mean, every day this week...I don't mind doing it...staying back occasionally. Seriously, I don't mind helping the times where things fall though. I understand emergencies do happen and someone needs to go home, or someone can't come in...but why do they tell me super last minute, I do have a life after work.

The kids where having a hard time this week too. Actually, everyone seemed like they were having a tough week...the staff and the kids a like. We were short of staff for whatever reason every day...and this is talking short at least two teachers and two aids...and that is a lot. Where are our floaters when we need them!! We managed, but we were all scrambling.

The kids were feeling the frustration and were acting out. And we have a new little one in our room. She's not potty trained the way her mom said she was...and she doesn't talk to us yet. I don't worry about her though, because this is her first time away from her mom and she needs her time to get used to everyone and being in a new place. It's cute because he's attached herself to me, so she'll talk to me...softly, unsure, and very tiny. She is so cute. I love how when she sees someone cleaning up, she will go over and help them clean up. And I think that it's adorable when she sees someone sad or crying, she goes over and curiously looks at them in the face, brushing their tears away and then gives them a hug. Yeah, she isn't potty train, but she's getting there. And she is a curious one; she'll do fine.

My ultimate challenge this week was with a very defiant little girl. Knowing her background has helped me understand her behaviors, but it's hard giving her the attention she craves when there are 13 others in the classroom that I have to give my attention too. It's getting harder and harder to get her to listen the more comfortable she gets with us teachers. I can see the other classroom teacher is struggling with her as well. She craves attention, and I want to give it to her; yes, I want to give her all the attention she wants, because I am rooting for her future, but I'm just not allowed too. I have already been "talked to" about getting to attached to the children. I can't treat her differently from the other children, but in a way I have too. It's confusing, and I just hope...I just hope for her.

My sister and her husband are still in California; they will be back this coming up Monday. I'll be picking them up at the airport. I've missed them, but honestly, I think that this was a welcome break from my older sister...nothing wrong with her and I...I love her with everything I am...but you know how older sister can be. :) It will be good to see her again. Her and my brother-in-law.

Can't wait to see what this new weeks comes too! I'm pretty positive for it...and hopefully, I won't have to work overtime all week! :) But ohgoodnessgracious, the weekend could not have come at a more perfect time. I love what I do, but I sure to love my days off as well. Well, when I think about it, of course the weekend comes at the most perfect time! If it came in the middle of the week, what would we have to look forward too when Friday rolls around?! Work straight start on way! Yeah, even though,  my week seemed long, and I wished that the weekend would come earlier, it came at the right time. *laughs*

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."-Bill Waterson