Sunday, April 10, 2011

Take me home.
I have a set of twins in my preschool room...fracternal twins. One boy, one girl and they are the cutest! They are both super stubborn, but the little guy loves  "huggies" and the girl is SO independent. Last Friday, I joked around and told the lil guy that I was going to take his sister home...coz she had come to me for some "lovings" and he got super protective of her. They fight all the time. We have a hard time separating them because they fight a lot.

But the lil guy is the ONLY one that can mess with the lil princess. If anyone else messes with her, he is there to protect her...but you wouldn't even know it with all the fighting that they do! There are times where it does get so bad where he brings her to me and says, "Aunty take her home!" and I laugh...but last Friday he got super protective of her...and grabbed her away.

I told him, that I wasn't going to take her home, and the day continued. When we go walk outside to the playground the little ones like to hold my's pretty difficult to walk sometimes because sometimes I have four of them, two holding each hands. This time the sister ran up to me and held my hand and I made my way to the door and said, "Line up, lets go now" or something like then when brother comes up and cries "H*****! Don't go home with her!" I quickly scooped him in a hug, both of them and told him that I would NEVER take his sister away...then my other little girl, not the sister...but another lil angel comes up to me, hugs me tight around the neck [I was squatting down to hug the twins] and says, "Aunty, don't be sad. You can take me home." My heart melted.

Yes, I told mom about the incident after school and she laughed.

"Just close your eyes and pretend it's all a bad dream. Thats how I get by."- Cptn. Jack Sparrow