Monday, April 11, 2011

Sister Celebration.

For my sister's birthday we hung out with friends and for dinner we went to the best Thai restuarant [my opinion] on the island!! I would recommend people go to Siam Garden Cafe if they like Thai food, even if you don't like Thai food, you should go there! It's so yummy and you will probably fall in love with the place like I did!

My sister didn't know where we were going, but she knew that we were going somewhere. She kept trying to guess where...but we wouldn't confirm where we were going. Tracy and Kaleo were at our house after church...where they had "ambushed" her with silly string! [I wasn't there coz I don't go to church anymore.] *laughs* But they went home early because they wanted to get the cake and their presents for her. [These pictures are from Tracy]

She opened her present from her husband...and it was SO good that I didn't get her that...because I was so thinking about getting something similar...and then she would have two and that would be a problem...and he got her beautiful roses! [These pictures are from my sister]

I didn't want to bring my present for her to the restaurant coz it was a HUGE picture frame I brought the small gag gifts that I got her...her favorite candy, gummies and panda [chocolate-filled cracker stuff]...but the restaurant was super fun and I'm glad that I got to spend her birthday with her. [Pictures from Tracy.]