Saturday, April 23, 2011


So for church today we had it at Sherwoods Beach in Waimanalo. It was hot. Super hot, so I'm glad that we had it at the beach. I only went because it was at the beach. Kaleo had callled my brother to ask him if he would help set up at 7:30am...and so I went to help set up too. Oh mandope, did I mention that it was SUPER hot?! Yeah, it was hot.

So we had fun setting up with Kaleo and his family. I don't know why it was only his family, but it was, and it was fun because they are a fun family. Kalii [Kaleo's younger brother] was there and he was making me laugh...we were teasing him that it was so obvious that he has his own business coz he liked to be bossy and tell me and Tracy what to do, while sitting down on the cooler. *laughs* Nah, he would get up and help too.

Then Kaleo, Tracy, my brother and I went out to eat breakfast at this crepes place. I rather not go to church, and so we kind of skipped out on most of the church part because we were out having breakfast, but when we got back there were SO MANY people there already! And they were nearly done with the service. But as we were having breakfast, oh mandope, I was super hyper for some reason...I was telling story a lot! But Kaleo said that I kept bouncing up and down and then start singing randomly. He's it was good to hear him laugh.

It was good that I was hyper, because while the church service was finishing, I still had a lot of energy to burn off and so I was just playing with the kids there.

I met more people there. I met this guy name Christian, he's from Tennessee...and he was there to visit. And then this family from Nicaragua...they had just moved here a few months ago, and they sang. In Spanish...and so Tracy was talking with them, since she is fluent in Spanish; They understand English a little and so I was talking with them...not as fast as I normally talk, but a little slower. There were four of them, I didn't get to meet the guy though, he was there...but I was all over the place since I hadn't seen everyone in a while, but it was good to meet them.

We didn't get to do the Sand Castle competition, but the kids had a scavenger hunt, treasure hunt AND a easter egg hunt...sorry parents, the prize was candy! Hope the kids won't be too hyper! Coming home I heard a new song that I want to post about and this other song that I want to post about, and so I'm going to do that in a bit. I'm hot, so I'm going get some cold apple juice from the refrigerator.

Later tonight we're going to go to my friends house to watch movies and drink smoothies...YUMMY!!! :)

"If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it, write it in the sand near the water's edge."- Napoleon Hill