Saturday, April 9, 2011


So, my hair was way past my bum...I love my hair long and it's a part of who I am...but I do try to cut my hair...errr...trim my hair at least once a year. I know that I should do it every 6 months...but for some reason, I always just remember once a year. *laughs*

But yeah, today, on my sissy birthday, I come out of my room while my sister is getting ready for church...and I express my frustration with how my hair wraps around me when I sleep. I move a lot and so for some reason, it was really bothering me...and she was like...let me cut it.

My sister would be the only one who I would let cut my hair and I wouldn't let ANYONE else cut it, since I had a traumatizing experience where that happened. Since I have been gone, my sister hasn't had the opportunity to cut my hair, and today she was like PLEASE let me trim your hair. It's so easy to I usually just do it myself...but my sister really wanted to style it herself...she is the only one that I really let style my hair...

So today...I just let her. Because I wanted to. And so yeah, I cut like two feet off my hair...and so it's a lot shorter now...a lot...but I know that my hair grows fast, so it's like whatever...*laughs* Now, I'm getting ready to go out for my sister's birthday celebration...and yeah! Out I go!!

"The greatest achievement in life is to stand up after failing."