Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye, Michael.

I really liked The Office, and I am kind of sad that Michael is now gone. I haven't followed as religiously as I did before. Skipping episodes from time to time, but always catching up on I remember when I was in the Philippines still, my cousin got me hooked up on this series. It never failed to crack me up...and the jokes from the show...oh mandope! Made me laugh for hours even after I watched it! The pranks that Pam and Jim would play on Dwight, and how Dwight would be so serious, oh mandope, so funny. 

Yeah, I'm sad that it's nearly over now, but I'm glad that they did have that show. It makes me wonder, could I work in that kind of working atmosphere?! Most definitely, it would have it's ups and downs...but for sure there would never be a boring day. Just something new and unexpected every day. I would love to visit Scanton, Pennsylvania just because. I would probably freeze there in the winter, but it would be a fun place to visit, I think. *laughs* I don't really know what is there, but still, I would like to stop by because I eventually want to make my way to Pennsylvania. 

Talking among my friends, they all say that I would be a Kelly. What?! Really?! Well, yeah, I talk a lot...*laughs*...but really?! Oh! Have you seen the music video that her and Erin made?! It's soo funny!! Here, I'll share it with you!

(Well, it wouldn't let me upload the music video...:( )

But yes, I'm sad that it's over...but I'm glad that I'll be able to watch the episodes over and over Friends, coz I did love Friends!

Well, goodbye Michael...I shall miss you.
"That's what she said."-Michael, The Office