Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Morning!

Good morning! I woke up today at 6:am again...well, actually at and then at think that is my body's alarm can get annoying but, I think I'm okay with it now. I mean, my whole room is flooded with light by the time it's anyways, I can't help but get up.

It's SO beautiful today. I'm going to the beach. And I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Oh, I love it here! *laughs* I wouldn't mind being a beach bum...well, maybe I would, but I would rather be a bum here than in Cali...the winters there are fierce! And summer is deathly yes, here would be nice...

So blessings to me that I'm not a bum ANYWHERE! But I like it here. I think I'll stay for awhile...

I woke up on the right side of bed, I do that more often then not now-a-days; yes, that is a good thing! *laughs* I think that is how it feels to be comfortable where you are and with what you're doing. I still have to face things that happen to me in the past, but I can say that I'm pretty much happy where I am.

I have a friend who is so sad, because she gets up everyday and doesn't like that she is doing. So that affects everything that she does and is. And that makes me so sad, because I know how that feels. I really do. I remember, even less than a year ago when I would have to forcefully think happy thoughts when I woke up in the morning because I refused to go under. But it was a constant struggle, hourly struggle. When I think about those times, I get sad.

I try to be there in every way that I downer about being here in Hawaii is that it's hard to be there for family and friends when they need the mainland or even in the Philippines...and other places in the world, since I did make a lot of international friends when I went to school abroad. But I guess no matter where I live, I will always have that problem. I still try to do small things for them to let them know that I'm still here and that I care. I wish someone had done that for me when I needed someone. But like I always say, everything happened for a reason; I think I was allowed to feel what it truly meant to be lonely and like no one was there for me so that I know how it would feel when I see other's feeling that way and I can help them.

All these people calling themselves friends, and they are...I know that they all mean well, and we are all busy in life...but I have learned the difference between the different kind of friendships that are out there. But yeah, at least I know what it feels like to be...stop! I'm rambling sad talk now! *laughs*

Anyways, I'm going to the beach today to do a sandcastle competition!! It's going to be brother and I volunteered to help set up so I better get going!!

SMILE, it's going to be a GREAT day! *hugs*