Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter School Party.

On Wednesday we had our annual Easter party at the preschool. It was a lot of fun...each class [five of them] came up with games that we had as stations and we decorated up the place with Easter decorations.

Our little two/three year olds wore our art projects. A few days before we had the children make bunny ears and bunny tails, and so they wore them that day and they were sooo cute! They loved it too, because they liked to pretend that they were little bunnies. Watching their faces as they were playing the games were so priceless.

The game that my little two/three year olds contributed was Find the Eggs and Ring Toss. For the find the eggs games Nicole brought a blow up kiddie pool from home and we had a bag of at least 50 plastic balls or different colors. You know the balls that are in that ball pool that kids can play in...[I would never let MY child play in those ball pools though!!] and then we bought large plastic eggs of the same colors and mixed it in with the other balls. So the children had to take turns finding the taught the children sorting, colors, numbers, shapes while having fun. And the ring toss was the ring toss...mainly the older children played with that while they waited for the Find the Eggs game.

I hope that I never get tired of playing with a child.