Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hawaiian Sunrise [take from my sister before she left for the airport]

Goodmorning. It is one of those days again where I couldn't sleep straight through the night and I finally gave up when I thought that it was okay to actually get up out of bed at 6.01am. I read a little. I'm currently reading Plague Maker by Tim Downs. It's a pretty good book...I hated putting it down to get up...and I love how the chapters are short and fast paced. I just finished another of his book Chop Shop which is another good book with an unexpected ending...

My back hurts. Maybe it's because I sleep wrong, but no, I know that I don't stay in one position the whole night...too much playing [with my preschool kids], no, that can't be it. Maybe it's just stress...yeah, maybe stress. I love going to my friends' Tracy and Kaleo's house because they have all these muscle massagy thingys! AND Kaleo can do a mean massage that hurts like a mofo and leaves you feeling like jello...but oh mandope, does it ever work! *laughs* It's my upper left side that hurts. Usually it starts hurting's my back really. I know that proper way of picking things it can't be that I pulled it. But I'm not TOO worried coz there usually is a knot just right there where it hurt...I can feel it too. I think it's time for a massage right now about now. 

I woke up early that I had time to wonder around the house. My sister and her husband left for Cali yesterday morning, so I don't hear them walking around. My sister is just like me...she can't sleep the night though, but unlike me, she likes to walk around the house at random hours trying to get WORK done. I juss either lay in bed, read, or write. Oh, and sometimes surf the internet. Not always a good thing, coz then I usually end up buying something that I saw. *laughs* My sister was in ER again. She texted me last night saying that she ended up in the ER. I get worried everytime she goes to ER. I have only been in the ER once. When I thought I broke my ankle...but I had just fractured it. And that was when I was in seventh grade. My sister has been in ER multiple times....EVERY YEAR for nearly her whole life. And I never get used to it. It still stops my heart a little bit when I hear she's in ER. 

Yesterday, during lunchtime...we had [lets see *thinks back*] Pepperoni pizza, mixed steamed vegetables, apples, milk and juice/water. All the kids were pretty problem, just little ones here and there. Typical "twin" problems and toddler problems...nothing out of the ordinary. It's fun watching the little ones eat. They will try everything...that is something we encourage in the classroom. At least try it, if you don't like it...spit it out in your napkin and cover it. I was watching a little girl eat her apples. I already know that she doesn't like apples...but she tries everytime because everyone likes apples and eats them first and of course she wants to copy them. I was sitting across the way at the other table, she was looking at me, smiling coz she is just a smiler that one. *laughs*...when she made that look that she didn't like what she was eating. I told her..."H*****, it's okay, you tried it...spit it out." She kept shaking her head with that look that she doesn't like it. Then I realized Oh. My. Goodness. She. Is. FUCKING CHOKING! The other teacher noticed it at the same time and as I got up to go to the little one, Nicole [my other teacher in the room] got to her first [she was sitting right next to her at the same table] and did the child heimlich maneuver on her...all the while the little girl was looking at me, starting to turn blue...the piece she was choking on shoots out and everything calms down. Seriously, me and Nicole are trying to get her to drink something, asking her if she was okay...and this little girl, just sits in her chair as if nothing happened and starts to eat her pizza. A few minutes later she is holding her apple again, with this look on her face...should I eat this...when she starts to cry....runs to me and climbs on my lap. She's okay. We called the mom. She's fine. 

Today we have our school's Easter egg hunt. This should be fun. Yay...!! :)

"I kept everything inside even though I tried, it all fell apart. What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I tried so hard." In The End, Linkin Park