Friday, April 1, 2011

Beginning of April.

So another month is rolling by and April is now here. Today is starting very sun-shiny and I hope that is how it will be this whole month! How awesome is that!? This month reminds me of spring time really...what with all the Easter that will be happening...alll cute bunnies and chicks and flowers and soft pastel colors! *laughs*

I remember growing up, my Auntie Esther, who had a farm in Vacaville use to throw this huge Easter Egg hunt on her farm. It was one of my favorite memories ever growing up. All us cousins and Aunties and Uncles and relatives...blood relations and good family friends would go up to her farm and we would have a wonderful time. I miss those times. I miss my Auntie. When she died due to cancer...the world lost a wonderful person.

This month I want to keep on staying fit, I want to keep on staying on top of it, and I want to keep losing weight. Swim more for sure. Possible during the weekdays if I can make that happen. More stomach crunches and push-ups. The boys were talking about starting up insanity again, so maybe I'll be doing that with them...and yes, early Sunday mornings getting my ass up at 5:am to go walking/jogging at Queens part with Kaleo's running team. Well, not really WITH them...but kind of...more like dog-sitting Ciccio. *laughs*

This is my sister's birthday month. April 9. She will be turning 27. Oh wow...that sounds...old?! *laughs* I should be one who's talking, I'm only one year younger than her! She will be going to visit California with her husband for one of his highschool reunions in Monterey Bay Academy. So that should be fun for them! But that is at the end of this month.

I know that April 17 is I love Kailua day...and my preschool will be volunteering on that day to do something. I'm not sure, but apparently they volunteer every year...and this will be my first year. It's a Sunday from to of disappointed since that is my Swimming time! Oh well...should be interesting and hopefully I'll get to meet a lot of people....if anything, it's something different, that's for sure!

Well, here's to April, I hope it's a great month! I will be!