Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adam: The Last Beach-day.

Every Saturday, "our group" always hang out doing whatever comes to mind...most of the time that is going to the beach and just relaxing and having fun together. It was so sad going to the beach for the last time with Adam after his last sabbath with us. We went to Manana Beach in Waimanalo...we have a lot of fun memories with him here...and I can't wait until he comes back. I'm going to super miss him a lot. Thank you to my sister, Faith for the pictures.
Yes, it was not as sunny, but the water was still warm. Not many people were out and we had a lot of fun as always.

*laughs* Adam's coconut bra!

My friends are such dorks! And I love them lots!

My younger brother and Adam being dorks. *laughs*

"I hope we'll be friends forever, together we'll always be. I don't think you understand just how much you mean to me. And one day when we part our ways, we'll think back to the past and think about how happy we are 'cause our friendship will always last."-Bridget Davis