Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walking home.
Walking home from work [I LOVE how I can do that, living about 3 minute stroll from work!], I pass by a bus stop. I'm on waving terms with the bus driver, because usually when I walk to work the bus is pulling up, and the first time that happened, he waited for me, but as I got closer, I told him that I wasn't going to get on the bus, so now we just wave at each other.

Even the crossroad lady, we wave at each other. It's so nice to live in a such a friendly place as Kailua...not only is the weather nice 99% of the time...but the people are so friendly 100% of the time.

Anyway, walking home from work today, as I turned the corner I saw that there was a guy sitting at the bus waiting bench. He was sitting in the middle of the bench. I thought he was a pretty good looking guy; I smiled at him when our eyes met. As I got closer to him, he moved over to the side to offer me a seat. [A lot of people do that when they see me, thinking that I'm there for the bus] As I passed him, I said, "Oh! Thank you! But I'm not here for the bus, but thank you!" He nodded his head with a smile as if to say, "No problem"...a few seconds later I hear a "Excuse me, Miss." And I turned around and saw the guy was still looking at me, and with a smile he said, "I think you're beautiful, thank you for the smile."

Wow...! Why isn't there more guys like that in the world! I was blown away. I didn't know what to say! I was speechless! I gave him another smile and a "You're welcome and thank YOU!", turned and walked away. As I continued on my way back home, I was thinking up so many scenarios that could have happened, and the one that kept coming back was why didn't I just go back and sit next to him?! *laughs* Nothing wrong with a good conversation with a good looking guy who made me smile.

"Everyone comes into your life for a reason: some for good, some for bad. They shape us, they form us: some may break us, but in the end they make us who we are."