Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Trust is a very fragile thing. But in a very twisted way it is also one so the strongest thing that can be between two variables. Take for example, a chair. You sit on the chair trusting that it will hold you. Then one day the chair breaks when you sit on it and that trust is broken. Because every time you have to sit on that chair, even though you fixed it, you will test it first to make sure that it won't give when you sit on it until that day comes when/if you trust that chair will stand firm when you sit on it.

At a very early age, I think that trust is one the first things a child learns. Trust. I mean, a child has to trust that his/her parent/s will take care of him/her because s/he is physically and mentally unable to. Fast forward to preschool, it's really hard on both parents and child when the child is ready to start preschool. And the first few days [hopefully NOT weeks!!] is really hard because the child cries for their parents. But then the day comes when the child trust that their parents/guardian WILL come pick them up at the end of the day and will not abandon them.

It's really sad because I have this little boy, the cutest little tyke ever, who is really good; he helps out in class, really nice, polite...and rarely, if ever, cries...but one day his guardian was super late to pick him up. He watched as one by one his friends were picked up, then his teachers left [NOT by himself of course!! We gather all the age groups together at the end of the day, and us teachers leave one by one as the children leave so all 15 teachers aren't there to watch 3 children]. He was the last one left with the last two teachers...and by then he was in tears and nothing would calm him down then grandma came running up the sidewalk saying sorry, she wasn't paying attention to the time.

This happened three weeks ago.

And to this day, he starts getting panic looks on his face when it's time to go home, because he's worried no one is going to pick him up. It has come to the point were I don't even leave when it's my turn to leave and he's still there, because when I leave its the last straw that will wring his sad tears from his eyes. I'm his teacher and it's just so heartbreaking to watch him cry silently to himself while looking out into the parking lot willing for his mom or dad or grandma to come pick him up. I do have to say that when someone does come to pick up him, he is the most excited little boy on the playground!

Trust. A very fragile, yet strong thing.

"It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it."