Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tiny Hands.
Being a preschool teacher allows me to have these moments where I get to be part of the learning experience of a 2 year old. I love watching the children's tiny hands. They are quite fascinating and it amazes me the things that they do with their hands that make me smile.

The other day the class caterpillar emerged from it's cocoon. So there was this beautiful monarch butterfly that we were going let free. We stressed the importance of not touching the wings of the butterfly when we let it out of the jar, because we already knew from their excited faces that they wanted to just grab it and hold it in their hands. But I was so proud of them, because even though excitement was written all over their faces...they stood still and never reached out to grab the delicate butterfly. The butterfly did choose three of my little ones to land on before flying off into the sky.

While helping one of the preschoolers to pull their pants up after they go shishi, they love to hold my face in their hands. Although it semi grosses me out because they did just use the bathroom, it makes me smile. Some of them you can barely make out the sentences that come out of their mouth, but they are so excited that they made shishi or doodoo in the toilet and they are telling me all about it while I'm helping them.

It never fails to melt my heart whenever a child reaches up to hold my hand. I don't even know if they are even conscious that they have reached up to hold my finger or when for some reason they get shy and they reach around to hold my leg and hide behind's so cute and so endearing.

There is this little boy whom we like to say that he has an ear fetish, because when you are sitting with the group of them reading them a story, he likes to sit/stand next to you and play with your ear while his sucks his thumb on his other hand. It makes me laugh...but that's "my" lil boy!

All of them love to play with my hair...and I tell them as long as they don't pull it, I don't mind. I know that I have long hair and sometimes when I am patting their backs as they are taking their nap, as they drift off into la-la land they like to run their fingers in my hair...

I love watching them paint, draw, glue, write, put a puzzle together. I love watching their tiny hands play with the blocks and cars and lacing boards. When I read them touchy-feelie books, it's fun watching them feel the page, or when they point out something on the page, or when "help" me turn the page.

Yes, I think that tiny hands are amazing...and one day those tiny hands will be "big" hands contributing to the world, and my reward?! My reward is knowing that I helped them learn that "hands are for helping."

"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils." -Louis Hector Berlioz