Saturday, March 5, 2011

This week.

This week was a pretty hard week for me in a lot of ways. I'm pretty glad that it's over, however I'm also glad that it happened. I now know that I can survived hard weeks such as this one. I won't say that this was my hardest week ever. But I will say that it was a pretty big challenge.

Monday was easy enough. I thought it was hard. Because it was a Monday, but little did I know. Tuesday rolled around and was a tough day. Two new kids and we were still trying to get another new kids used to the way things were. Wednesday strolled by and another new kid was added.

I do have to say that I am quite proud of my "older" kids who have been there longer. They did pretty well in adjusting to the new kids. We did have a regression in the whole potty trained situation though. I don't know...with the new little darlings entering, my "older" kids all of a sudden forgot their potty training skills which was super hard because the new ones...well two of the three new ones [I'm sooo swear!] are not potty trained. [Which they were suppose to be, but didn't seem to me!]

One of the three new ones, though, is just the cutest little button ever! He is so polite! I admire his mom who raised him, because he knows all his manners and he is potty trained. Yes, sometimes he has these unexpected playing rage, but other than that, he is a really well-behaved kid. He always used his please and thank you's and excuse me. He can work on his sharing, but he is pretty good. So I was happy that he was an easy one to work with.

The other two new ones are non-stop criers. But I do welcome them with open arms because they are my challenge. The only thing that is hard about it is it's hard to give my other little darlings attention, when all mine and the other teacher's attention is focused on the new ones, so that is why I'm so proud of my "older" ones who actually help me when I need them too...but they are only 2 years old so they do have attention spans like "squirrel!" *laughs*

I finally cleaned out my room though. That has been bugging me. I stayed home from Church to do so though...not that I like going to Church anymore...but I will always say, I will NOT give up on God as long as He does not give up on me. That is the truth.

"The greatest achievement in life is to stand up after failing."