Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prince Kuhio.

Thank you Prince Kuhio for the holiday that we had last Friday! Yes, I had no work on Friday because it was Prince Kuhio's birthday. Nice.

This week was a tough week, so the off day on Friday was a welcome relief. My friend Adam is moving back to the mainland to continue his education [He is a Marines, but he's getting out on April 7], so we wanted to go camping this weekend. I love my friends here, because I'm more of an outdoorsy person, and a lot of my friends are outdoorsy people to...and "health freaks!" So it helps me be more healthy...

Anyways...yeah, we were suppose to go camping this weekend...BUT since it was a long weekend, all the good camping spots were all taken! So boo! We didn't get to go camping. But on Friday I was able to clean the whole house [yes, I can't sit still for long unless reading a good book or playing piano! :)] and finish two books. [The Warrior Heir and The Wizard Heir by Cinda Williams Chima]

While I was reading my good friend Tracy was texting me. Would I be into renting a mountain bike, because since Adam likes going outdoorsy stuff, we were thinking to have a weekend of outdoorsy stuff to do. I said as long as it was too expensive I was down to do it. Oh. My. Goodness. Let me think back to the last time I went, I don't even remember! Bike-a-ton?! When I was in Jr. High still?! *laughs*

I remember I use to go biking all the time when I was a kid! I miss it. I use to go around with my dad; he use to take us kids biking [and for me sometimes Scooter!] all over the place. Oh, I miss those times with my dad! We use to bike all over Vallejo; and when we use to live up in Legend Circle, we use to ride all over there, and since the place were all new, we would bike through dirt rides and there are houses over all those place. My dad use to take us to Benicia and we would go biking the trails there...I miss my dad so much. I miss the times we spent just enjoying the outdoors.

BUT...when was the last time I rode a bike?! Shit, I don't even know! So, I was kind of worried that I didn't even know how to balance the bike. But I was up for the challenge. After all the texting back and forth, I found a place where we could get the bikes, and when I was going to get us bikes, Tracy texted me saying that Adam was able to use get us bikes on base for super cheap.

That night we all went over to Tracy and Kaleo's place to have dinner together. Kaleo really wanted pozole and so they invited us over to have some. Our family made apple crisp. Yummy! Wow, yummy! *laughs* The pozole was super yummy too! The chicken literally fell off the bone it was so tender and the broth part of the dish was so good!

I love getting together with my friends! They are like my family here. Tracy moved here to marry her long-time boyfriend, and she is from California too, so she is in the same boat as we are...We all get along and for the most part, we all have the same likes. We're going to miss Adam a lot when he has to go back to the mainland. But he'll always visit...and we can always go see him.

All in all my Prince Kuhio Day was a really good day.

"You'll always have my shoulder when you cry/I'll never let go, never say goodbye."- Count on Me, Bruno Mars