Thursday, March 24, 2011

I wake up this morning the first thought in my head is, "Why didn't my alarm go off!? Am I late?!" *laughs* When I check my phone to see what time it is it shines 6:41am. Damn, I woke up 15 minutes before it was suppose to go off. And before that I woke up at 4:06am. And before that 3:00am.

I always wake up at 3:00am. Always. And for some reason, no matter if I'm working or chilling, I'm always looking at what time it is at 3:00pm. It's like this time that attracts me for some reason. A friend told me why, but that's scary stuff...but yeah, 3:00 am/pm.

Well, even though it was only 6:41am the last time I checked my phone, I got my ass up and got ready for my day. Doesn't hurt to get ready early. I use to hate mornings. I still do; I love sleeping, but there is something about mornings that make me smile...most times to myself-inside. *laughs* It's a fresh start to your life. Whatever happened yesterday is all the past and you can start all over with a clear mind [most of the time!], a new attitude and start a new beginning.

Yeah, I know, there are times where that is hard to do...letting go is kind of hard...but it's something about mornings that makes me feel "new" again. I know I'm such a girl...and sometimes I do grumble about having to wear my preschool's uniform shirt...but I take that as a challenge and still try to "dress me"...I get to choose my bottoms-should I wear pants?! What kind of pants?! Jeans?! Shorts?! Capri's?! Bermuda shorts?! Which shoes should I wear?! How do I do my hair?! And how should I "put my face on" today?! Yes, I love make-up! :) One thing though, I only wear stud earrings to work. I do work with 2 year olds who love to play with my hair, touch my ears, hug, and play with us teachers...I will not get my earring ripped out.

Mornings are filled with so many decision and choices...and I love the new start and the gift that God gave me to start over again. As long as you're alive and breathing, you can always make a difference in the world-starting with one person...a smile and a wave goes a long way. A hug and a kiss can show someone you care. A thoughtful gesture, a kind word...anything and it's all even though I claim I'm "not a morning person," thank you Jesus for giving me a new day. Because I refuse to let it go to waste...I will make a differences.

"A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour."-Author Unknown