Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Live life.

I have had a really long day...and as my little darlings were taking their nap, I wrote this out...so that I can write it out when I get home. And I am home...so here it goes.

"Life is so fragile and I am ashamed to say that I never really think just how fragile it really is until I lose someone. One moment someone is there, full of life,  full of breathe, and just there. The next second something happens...a heart attack, a slip down the side of the mountain, a flip of a river-raft, a motorcycle crash...and they're gone. Never again in this life you will hear their laughter, share a drink, be engulfed in their hugs. Never again will you get a random call saying, 'wasup?!', never again will you be able to see their smile or hear a joke from them. Never again. And all your left with is the memories you had with them; the smiles, hugs, laughter and now their lingering words that will echo in your ear throughout the years.

Monday through Friday I have the honor to work and play with little bundles of life. As I sit here watching them take their afternoon nap, the rise and fall of their chests and occasional twitch of their bodies in a dream reassures me that although they are off in 'lala land'  they are still full of life. I don't know the future, but I do hope that each one of these children will be able to grow full, long lives filled with adventure and happiness. I pray that none of them will be robbed by death any time soon. They are so full of life and it would be a tragedy if the world was not able to experience what each child can offer throughout their lifetime.

Weekends, if there is a wedding, I have the honor to help make a new bride's dream wedding come true. It's stressful work, filled with every emotion imaginable, but the end result is a dream come true for two happy people. It is always a joy to me to meet the bride before the binding ceremony; to see the proud, humble groom look at his radiant bride creates a longing in me because there is unconditional love overflowing from his eyes to hers that I have not yet experienced. And my hope for each new couple that I have encountered is that they may have a full life to enjoy each other and make wonderful memories with.

My friend's life was cut short last night. I know he didn't give up. I know that even in his comatose state he did not stop fighting for his life, even in the end, when his body was not able to take it anymore. I knew him to be a very stubborn guy and I know if it were possible, he would have jumped up and bull-headedly  tried to make everything alright again. I wouldn't say I was super close to him, but I will say that I knew him enough to know the world lost a wonderful man. I will miss his bearhug and his huge genuine smile. I will miss watching him walking into church with his bike helmet under his arm. I will miss how he would always try to have the last word and the many stories he told to get me laughing off my ass. Yep, the world lost a very wonderful person and he will live on through our memories."

Cam, you knew what it was to live life. And although your time was short, your soul touched so many out there. I'm looking forward to the day where I will be squished in one of your famous bearhugs again. I'll miss you lots, but I'll see you in the morning, brah. *hugs*


"Live as you would have wished to live when you are dying."