Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kelsie & Kirwin Wedding.

Congratulations to Kelsie and Kirwin on their wedding! I don't remember when I did this wedding...but this was one of the earlier ones that I did, but we just got their pictures from *Dulce by Visionary, so thank you Dulce...all these pictures are from them.

This wedding took place on Loulu Palms Estate...a very beautiful place. I have to say that this was one of my favorite weddings that I did. It took place outside and there was a huge tent that they had their reception. The wedding ceremony took place outside with a very beautiful view. I remember that this was the wedding that I first saw the Lion Dance...and that was pretty cool!!

*(All pictures are from Dulce by Visionary, I take NO credit for them.)

The beautiful bridal bouqet

We thoughtfully added these charms of the bride's mother who had passed away. I thought it was a sweet touch to the bouquet.
We used the "picture frame" for this wedding. It was also a circular seating arrangement for the ceremony. I had the privilege of being the one to do the arrangement for the frames. It looks so simple, ya?! But I remember being so paranoid wondering if it was okay! I think it turned out nice.

Just a close up of the flowers used for the frame.
We had several different kinds of center pieces. I really liked how they all weren't the same! The bride had gotten a lot of books and so we used all those used books as part of the decoration! It was really nice!

We were able to used the books to add that extra touch of romance to the table.

For the bride and groom, we had put these glittered hummingbirds and nests to symbolized the parents that were not able to be there on their special day.

I really liked the center pieces for this wedding a lot! And I love how we were able to use the really added a lot of class, at least I think...
This was the wedding party table.
We had extra roses...and so to add more to the romantic feel we were able to use those extra roses as curtain dressings. I was so happy that we were able too, because it really did add more to the atmosphere. The straw itself was a nice touch, but the roses really said a lot.
These birdcages were a PAIN to do...but it was SO worth it! I love how they were hanging on the first I was scared that they were going to fall at some point of the ceremony...but they didn't...and I LOVE them! cute!

Yep...I really liked this wedding...and I remember it being so pretty when it got dark and it was a lot more dimmer and the candles that were on the tables were lit...oh, it was beautiful!
Congratulations Kelsie and Kirwin...!!! 

"Give her two roses, each with a note. The first note says "For the woman I love" and the second, "For my best friend."