Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ka'ena Point.

So on Saturday, I met up bright and early at Tracy and Kaleo's house with my brothers and Adam. My sister was just getting over a cold, so she wasn't able to come along. We met up because we had planned to go biking around Ka'ena Point*. Adam was able to get us bikes on base we drove over with the guy's truck to Pearl Harbor base to get the bikes.

Oh mandope, the bikes were NICE! They were mountain bikes. I've never used mountain bike before. I've only used a beach cruiser...and these were brand spankin' new! And Adam was able to get them for really really cheap too! Way cheaper than what Tracy and I could find one for!

Taken from my friend Adam's fb page
We were all ready. We took two trucks; we loaded all the bikes in the beds and all smashed in the cab. Even adorable Ciccio came along. We planned to ride out bikes out to the point and find a nice beach to watch the high waves and eat lunch. But for some reason, no matter what we do, no matter where we go...THE RAIN FOLLOWS US! This wasn't the only time this happened either! Rain, rain, go away!! But we were all for it and wanted to take the challenge.

Tracy and I were the only girls that came. The boys were good riding their bikes but I'm so happy that Tracy was there! As soon as I got on my bike, it felt like home. It was good! I was worried for no reason at all...all because I haven't ridden a bike in forever, that doesn't mean that I forgot how! I guess it's one of those things that when you learn it, you won't ever forget how to do it. Good thing though, coz I didn't want to walk that trail...I did last time and it took more than 4 hours!

The trail is NOT smooth. Lets just say that it's a popular place to go 4-wheeling there were a lot of dips and grooves and rocks and it was good we had the mountain bikes, because wow, it was not a smooth ride. I was joking saying that it was like a roller coaster ride, powered by our legs. There was a lot of times where I could just it was like a roller coaster ride...bumpy with a lot of dips! I stayed with Tracy most of the time, the guys came and went their own...doing daring jumps, challenging each other to do crazy things with their bikes...shit, it was as if they were on a trick bike instead of a mountain bike! *laughs*

Tracy and I just kept each other company and tried to find the smoothest way to get through...on wait, there were none! *laughs* Going there to the point wasn't that bad. We had our stops because we were just by the coast line and the view was spectacular! No joke! So beautiful. So we would stop and play in the water when we got tired or juss rested by the shore for a bit. It was raining, so that made it really hard. We had to avoid the mud pits and the trucks and jeeps that were going by so we wouldn't get splashed with mud too much. I was cold at first, but the exertion that I put into biking made me feel hot right away.

Then we got to the wipe out. Literally we were ready for lunch and we were trying to get to a beach that Kaleo said was really nice, and the waters weren't as rough [North Shore waves are pretty rough], so we can play in the water a bit. But literally the path disappeared. Literally. We were going along when there was a 30 foot drop into rocks and the ocean. Yep, never underestimate the power of the ocean. It had wiped out like 60 feet of the road. You can see the road on the other side too. It was possible to cross it; Kaleo had brought rope. It was possible...if you were daring. I would have done it if we didn't have the bikes. But we had the bikes, and it was down right dangerous, because had to be very careful not to slip because once you did, you were going down. The bikes were to risky to carry and try to cross over so we had to find another beach.

And we did. The rain did stop while we were eating! *laughs* We found a little cove that we were able to bring out bikes down and find a nice place to eat our lunch. The water was super clear...seriously, like glass...but glass that was constantly moving. Not safe to get into...but we had fun looking at the fish at the tidepools, the boys were "playing baseball" with rocks and driftwood, me and Tracy were exploring and just relaxing.

Then we started on our way back. It was a lot harder. My. Butt. Was. In. Pain. The bike was made to be for a was NOT meant for a girl, and Tracy and I were in pain! The wind was against us...because when we started again, it started to rain REALLY hard...and the, it was like it was going to blow us into the sea! There were more hikers for some reason and they wouldn't move out of the way and more trucks and jeeps were 4-wheeling.

Since we started super early in the morning...we didn't have that problem coming out. Later on in the day that's when more people come out...and so that was when the problem came. It was okay though. I can not explain how much my butt hurt from the seat though! Tracy and I kept laughing...maybe we were hysteric or something...*laughs*

We were like maybe 1/4 miles away from the cars when trail was covered with hikers and trucks and jeeps...and we were forced to get off our bikes. We were drenching wet and we were just plain mud balls. We were a little upset though because we just wanted to get to the trucks and get home and take a warm was raining SUPER hard...we were cold, even though we were using energy to bike...but we were forced to stop. Tracy and I had told the guys to go ahead because we wanted to go at a slower pace since were were in pain.

Anyways...the hold up was because a jeep was stuck in a mud hole and all the trucks and jeeps were trying to join to get to pull it out. I give them props because it was in a place where there wasn't a lot of room, it was raining hard and so the ground was all slick from all the mud...and bystanders were just watching and people were trying to get them to move. I hope they got that truck out though!

Tracy and I ended up walking our bikes the rest of the way...mud caked our wheels and it was really hard to push or even ride them anymore because the wheels were all jammed from the mud. It was funny coz we were just laughing.

When we finally got back to Tracy and Kaleo's sister had joined us, and she had marinated meat for us to bar-b-que. Lucky for us, the rain stopped long enough for the boys to grill our meat. It sucked super much because I was dehydrated, and so I had a killer headache, but I did nearly drown myself in water trying to hydrate myself again! *laughs* We all took showers to get all the mud off of use and Kaleo introduced us to a really funny TV show called Better Than Ted . I'm sad that it's off the air now...because it's really funny and we watch a few episodes of that. I hope they bring it back, because it is funny. And I don't know think many people even knew about it. It's funny.

I hope we do more biking...and next time I'll get a girls bike..because mandope! My bum hurts! *laughs*

"I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm." -Anonymous

*[All Ka'ena Point pictures I got from Ka'ena Point -- The Northwest Edge of Oahu]