Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I MISS them.

The other day I was talking to my niece back in California. She was taking the death of our mutual friend kind of hard because she would go riding with her dad and he and Cam use to go riding together. So I was talking to her, making sure she was going to be okay. Oh, how I miss my little ones so much! But we started talking about everything else under the sun and every so often her lil sister would run in to her room and say "I want to talk to Aunty too!!" Which would annoy the older one to no bounds! [They are about 6 years apart.] Well, I talked to the older one for a few hours before I had to go. It was way past her bedtime.

But before I got off the phone, I could hear the little one come in the room and say, "Now is it my turn?" so I told the older one to give the younger one the phone to talk to her too. I love her just as much, and I miss her so much too. And this younger one reminds me so much of how I was when I was younger...non-stop talking! Part of our conversation [with the younger one] went like this:

LayLay: Aunty what is your favorite cartoon?
Me: The Little Mermaid
LL: What?! Me too!! Who do you like the best?
M: Flounder
LL: Oh Aunty, guess what? I have Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian floating in my bathtub!
M: No way!? Really?
LL: I'm Ariel
M: I'm Flounder
LL: Aunty I thought you liked flowers.
M: What?! Yeah, I do...
M: LayLay?
M:LayLay?! Are you there?! I'm going to hang up the phone.
[waits 20 seconds]
LL: Aunty! Are you still there?
M: Where'd you go?
LL: Aunty, I'm sitting down!
M: Yeah, but you disappeared on the phone
LL: What? When?
M: Just right now?
LL: Oh that time! My hand got tired holding the phone so I put it down for a little bit.

I love her. I really love her!

I miss them SO much....

Christmas 2009
 Christmas 2009

We talked for a few more minutes and my heart twisted just a little bit when it was time to hang up the phone. I miss them so much and I know that time never stops. I wish I could be there physically for them...I miss them so much.

"Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will."