Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dream house.

If I could have a room or house or something like this...that would be sooo amazing! Whenever I don't have anything to do...and I'm tired from all exercising and everything...and I just want to look at pictures and dream of what I can have one day...I like to look up rooms and decorating things. I think that it would be so much fun to decorate my own place and have it all mine. My own little space in the world that I can go to to get away from everything. A lot of these places are just wow, wow, wow!! :) For now, I will pretend on how my dream house will look like. And I say I want a simple house...I do, that's where I have the best memories...but I like to dream too. :)
In the back of my dream house is a cottage...and this is one of my rooms.
Ohhh!!! This is the kind of closet that I would LOVE to have! At least ONE of my closets! *laughs*
Oh mandope, I would have loved to have this as a dorm room or something...if I have a room like this in my would be like a guest room or something!
This would so be my outside living room or something! It looks so peaceful and beautiful! Like and outside lounge place or something! But Hm...that would suck if it started to rain...I would have to take everything inside.
Maybe I'll just move all my outside living room stuff inside my indoor pools bedroom or something. *laughs* Kind of unrealistic, but it would be cool to have a room like this in my house!
And in my outside treehouse, I could have the room look like this! It can be another guest room, or I can stay here when it's hot and I want to take a nap or sleep in a breezy area to keep cool. :)
And in one of my turrets in my house, I can have my secret getaway. I can have secret stairs leading up o this place so that no one can know about it. And it can be sound proof and everything and it's my secret hidaway place. *laughs*
And one of my guest rooms will look like this...because I like the layout. And yeah. All my guest rooms will look different from each other though.
I would have one of the layouts of my guest housing look like this. A loft studio room. 

Oh okay...that's it for now! But my dream house is pretty big! *laughs* I'll probably add more later! :)