Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tidepools and Jasmine Tea

Yesterday it was raining. Oh mandope, it was raining super hard...and I had a choice...go hiking up Olomana or tidepooling. I'm not the greatest hiker, but I do have fun. The boys that I go with, are hardcore hikers, but they try to pick "easy" hikes for us girls...and this one was pretty easy...BUT it was raining, which made the "easy" turn into "harder" because of the tendency to slip, rockslides and the boys went hiking and us girls we to the tidepools in Hawaii Kai.

It was my first time tidepooling, ever. And I had a lot of fun. I had to be super careful though because it was so easy to slip, and it was raining some, and we had to watch out for the tide to make sure that we didn't have to swim back to our car! *laughs*

I loved it. The ocean was clear even though the waves were pretty high. The rocks were very slippery, but oh mandope, it was fun and so beautiful. I did take pictures, but with my sister's camera, so maybe if I get them, I'll post them up...but she has her camera right now. The fish were beautiful and so many. A lot of sea urchins and sea cucumbers and slugs. Plenty of hermit crabs and crabs. I saw some starfishes...a lot of shell and coral.

While we were walking out we saw these two huge buckets...and walked right past them thinking that they were someone's collection of empty shells, broken pieces of coral or even sea glass...but when the tide was starting to come in, and it was starting to rain a little bit more harder, we slowly started on our way back to the car. We passed the buckets again that were we decided to see what goodies they held...and they were filled to top with sea slugs and cucumbers! Oh, that upset us. They were jam packed in there...all in their doodoo and smashed, so I know that it wasn't ours, but they were just fermenting in the sun [yes, the sun was out even though it was raining, and it was warm out too], so we tipped the buckets over and let them go free.

Come out people, do you eat them?! Then don't torture them first hand!

 It was a lot of fun...and we came back home to jasmine tea. Then my sister and Tracy got all dolled up to meet up with the boys for our Valentine's get together [yes, I pouted already for not being able to go!] while I got ready to go to work. It's the month of love so weddings galore, and I am lucky [or not] enough to be their florist. But I love Saturday's where I get to hang out with my friends. We always go on the best adventures! :)