Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tidepool pictures

I got some of the pictures of when Tracy, my sister and I went tidepooling while the boys went hiking in Olomana on February 12! So I'll post them up now! Oh yeah, credit goes to my sister, Faith!

 We saw a lot of hermit crabs and this hermit crab decided to make a tube worm shell his home! It was pretty cool to see!

 You can't really see it here...but this beautiful shell was  semi-transparent so we could see the crab curled up inside!  We left this one at the tide pools though...

 There was many vanas [sea urchins] there! 

 We saw a really big beautiful shell, but when we tried to pick up, it was stuck fast, so we left it alone. 

A really crazy, beautiful, sea slug!

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