Sunday, February 27, 2011


I love surprises. Present surprises. Phone call surprises. Surprise parties. Just because surprises. Anything surprises. As long as they make me smile. I love surprises.

So I get home last friday and my sister told me that her and Tracy went out to have a girls day. And I got sad, coz I use to go with them to have girls day on Friday's because that was the day we would have off. But now I work. They went to go do their nails, and I have been wanting to do that for a long time now, but never had any time.

Anyways, they ended up going shopping for me!

My sister gave me this blue tube dress with a belt. Super cute...and perfect for Hawaii!  I love tube dresses! I want to buy all kinds! :) The belt is cute too...

My sister also gave me this pink top which I think is adorable! I wore it already I loved it so much! [I love all the stuff they got me!] But I wore this on Saturday when we walked to the Saigon Noodle House, with black tights and cute pink and white dangly earrings. It's super comfy yet dressy.

 Tracy bought me this cute sunny yellow tube dress. I love the details on the bottom...and I love when I tried it on how comfy it was! It even has pockets!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Tracy also bought me this pink top. Yep, my favorite color is pink...and I love to wear pink too! It makes me feel happy! I love how it feel light against my skin and not heavy; that's real good, coz it's hot here in Hawaii, and sometimes dressing up can get really hot!

But yeah, I love the stuff that they bought me! They so know what I love! :) I love them lots!

That's them! This picture was taken last December for Tracy's bridal shower...but that's them. I love them lots and will NEVER take them for granted. Ever. My sissy is silly. :)

On Saturday, I helped my sister to the car [coz she was going to church, and I don't] coz she had baked a lot of stuff for potluck. Before I came back to the house, I checked the mail...and my bestest friend, Marlee, had sent me a late Valentine and a letter! I love her and miss her lots! I love getting surprises in the mail! You never expect them, and they usually make me smile [as long as they are NOT bills! *laughs*]
 She made the card herself! And I LOVE LOVE the black rose ring she sent me!!

Yes, she is a HelloKitty fan! :)

And my last surprise came after I was swimming in the ocean for a few hours on Saturday, and I checked my good friend Achalu called me from the Philippines! He is one of my two best guy friend, and I miss him so much! I'm super bummed that I missed his phone call, but I was happy to hear him again, even if it's on my voice box! He's graduating next March and I'm so proud of him. Then he's going to go home [Ethiopia]...I miss him and I loved the surprised phone call. 

"The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us."