Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Small Acts.

I got home from work extra tired. Super extra tired for some reason, so I took a nap. I vaguely remember my older brother asking if I wanted to go see a new movie with him, my other brother and sister. I was too tired to get up.

Right before they left, my sister walks into my room to see if I'm okay, I'm a light sleeper, so I wake up. I hear her ask me if I'm okay and I sleepily mumble something unrecognizable. I hear her doing something and they all left and I fall back into deep sleep.

I wake up thirsty an hour later and realize that my sister had turned on my night light, left my door open and had the hallway light on, and the living room light. I had left my regular cup of water in the kitchen and she knew that when I wake up I habitually make a grab for my cup of water. Knowing I hate waking up to a dark place, she turned on my night light and left some lesser lights on my way to the kitchen.

My sister is pretty awesome.