Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perfect weekend.

Last Friday, I prayed for a "perfect weekend" and I love you God, because you delivered. I had a perfect weekend. It's been a long time since I had a good, relaxed weekend and I loved it. This month has been crazy with events and weddings, and I was so happy to just sit back and enjoy this weekend. A true pick-me-up from the chaoticness of this world.

Saturday, I met up with my friends Tracy, Kaleo, and Adam along with my brothers, Jeremy and Neal and my sister, Faith, and we went to the beach in Waimanalo. It was so beautiful. While we were driving there, we saw the clouds coming and Adam and I were wishing them away. Before going there we went to Great Harvest Bread here in Kailua to get sandwiches to eat at the beach since they didn't get to eat at church for potluck and I didn't eat at home.

I do have to say that the Great Harvest Bread in Kailua was very yummy. It was my first time going there and I got myself a Turkey & Swiss cheese sandwich [minus mustard and onions]. Yes, I am a sucker for turkey & cheese sandwiches! But this place I would so recommend to others if they are looking for a good sandwich place here in Kailua. They are super friendly, and the sandwich was really yummy and fresh tasting.

When we got to Waimanalo Beach [on Manana Road], there were a lot of people! A lot more than normal at least...but we were able to get our regular spot. As we were eating we felt a few drops of water splatter down, but it was okay because the dark clouds were just passing by so by the time we were finished with our sandwiches and had slathered ourselves with sun block, we jumped into the water. It was perfect. The sun was out by that time and we were having a lot of fun.

It had been awhile since we all had gone out to the beach together. Cicco [Kaleo and Tracy's dog] even came out in the water with us on my brother boggie board. So cute! The boys and I were racing: who can hold their breath the longest, who can freestyle swim the longest on one breath, who can underwater swim the longest, who can glide the longest, who can do the longest handstand sister and Tracy were being the judge, and we were just joking around and throwing each other in the water, playing volleyball and football...and who can jump over me *laughs*...but the one that killed it was, the boys were trying to teach Tracy and I how to do a handstand under the water [it's so hard coz you have to deal with the waves on the top and then the current on the bottom, so it's so hard to stay balanced!], when Kaleo told all of us to go back on shore! We were quite a ways in, since we could all swim and tread/float really we swam fast towards shore without knowing why.

See, we all fool around with each other and mess around with each other and joke with each other...but when someone is serious, we can all tell and we have to listen right away...coz we just do. My first thought was jelly first time in the water when I first moved here, my right had got it pretty bad, and I didn't want another encounter. But when we got to shore, Kaleo said that someone SHITTED IN THE WATER!!! and it was floating all over in pieces where were. He was a little bit further out...and he stayed back a little to make sure that it would go on us while we went to sure...but that is SO disgusting!

Anyways, we ended up going back to our house, where everyone showered and us girls dolled ourselves up and we decided to eat at Saigon Noodle House [I have been craving this place for the longest time!!] And this is another place that I recommend. I love this place super much! My favorite is their Beef Kalbi Ribs and their vegetarian spring rolls. Their vegetarian dishes are also yummy. The owner is super nice as well. It's a must go place in my book if ever you come to Oahu.

We walked to Saigon Noodle House, and we walked back. It was fun. I love my friends. We stopped at Safeway to get Cicco food, and we saw these yummy strawberries from Watsonville! So we got three containers and came home and watched A*Team and ate strawberries as dessert.

Next day, today, we went swimming for 4.5 hours. Then went to get Jamba Juice. It was beautiful day out. I'm sad that it's over...but I loved that it happened. :)

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend."