Friday, February 25, 2011

Off the wall.

No, I do not mean that in a "cool" way...but more like that is literally how the kids were today. The head teacher, Miss Nicole, and I kept saying, "yep, today is a Friday!" I'm telling you, kids are smart! They know when the weekend is here, but unlike us, they are unable to control themselves and they get crazy. Super crazy...they were everywhere!

I love them. Don't ever get me wrong about that; I love "my" little kiddies, but sometimes they frustrate me! Yes, I know that is how it will be like when I finally have kids of my own, but right now, I don't have kids of my own and so I'm not used to kids acting like this!

They are good kids. Yesterday and today we were concentrating on rainbows, so art was rainbow everything. We made rainbow sun catchers, rainbow wind catchers, rainbow collages, rainbow paintings, and I am so proud of them because they even made rainbows together using one piece of paper and sharing the crayons.

One of our more, how do you say this delicately, harder-to-handle child learned how to make shishi [basically pee] properly, meaning he didn't have to take off all his clothes and straddle the toilet! He actually pulled his pants down half-way, his underwear half way and stood on the stool and made shishi properly! Yes, I am proud of him.

Another of our "harder-to-handle" child helped clean up the mess of another "harder-to-handle" child when she threw a temper tantrum and threw all the toys everywhere! This other child tried to help calm her down and when we told him to just step away from her [because she was be very disruptive], he started to organize everything in their proper place and started to clean up after her!

See, "my" children are really smart. The early two's...a lot of people say the "terrible two's" but I just say the "terrific twos" who are "terribly misunderstood" because they are smart. They pick up the littlest things, and even the biggest things. They all love to sing, they love to use their imagination! They love because they love to create; they love discovering new things--especially bugs! They know how to clean up after themselves too! Yes, I am so proud of them.

This week has been pretty crazy for them too though, because we didn't have school on Monday, and on Tuesday and Wednesday they had a substitute because Nicole and I had to go to a new employee training in town. Friday's the children are usually sad because they will not be going to school for two days, and they do get used to a set schedule at school and they won't have it for two days. So it is hard for them too...

But I do have to say that I am so thankful for the weekends. At least the weekends where I actually have a weekend....and I am so happy because this is my first and only weekend in this month that is actually mine. I hope it stays like that and nothing pops up that I have to do. Because I need this weekend. Yes, I do. I need this weekend!

"The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."