Friday, February 18, 2011

Long...! Even LONGER week. My family swears that I have been MIA for the past week. I get up, go to work, and I tell myself that when I get home, I will only take a 2 hour nap, ends up being the WHOLE night, so I never got to see my family and we live together!

Thursday was better, I was able to force myself up after the "promised" 2 hour "only" nap, and my family saw that wow! I was alive still! *laughs* But wow, what was up with this week?! It was super, way long.

My preschool career/job was "normal" (although, MY "normal" is different from another human being's "normal"). We did get this new girl. And let me tell you, I was really upset! Without going into details, let me go on a rant about...if you think you are old enough to have sex, no matter what age you are, be prepared to step up to the plate if you have a child! Serious!

One thing that gets me so mad is when parents have children and then neglect them, abandon them, abuse them! What gets me even more upset and mad are people who prey on children, but I'm not going to go off about that, coz I don't want to get myself all riled up. But serious people, it's not the child's fault that you decided to have unprotected sex! Don't let the child suffer. My heart goes out to this 2 year old girl, who is having a hard time because in her two years she experienced things that she shouldn't have. Even if she was 20 or 100, much less just two! Give me a break people.

I do have to say that this week was HOT, HOT, HOT!! Oh mandope, it was super hot. It's hot right now. I have my fan blowing at me at number three and it's still hot, and get this, it's not even CLOSE to summer! *laughs* But I'm not complaining; I chose to live here, and I like hot WAY better than the harsh, cold, bitter winters! *smiles*

Well, I need to go now, to some stuff before the weekend really hits!

"They say love is blind...not because it overlooks so much and loves; love knows no bounds. But because it is something you feel, you smell, you touch. It is like air, thus you don't have to see it; you just sit back and experience it."