Friday, February 11, 2011

Long day.

Somehow, magically, my eight hour work day transformed into a week. Today seemed SO long! The teacher didn't show up, so I was by myself again, but thankfully by the middle of the day I had help.

Children are smart. At the young age of two years-old, they know that it's Friday. For reals. They know. And today was a long day. But for the good part, I walked into an ambush of hugs and my lil boy told me "Aunty, why are you so pretty?" constantly. That made my day. You know that children speak the truth! *laughs*

It rained, hard, so he kids didn't have the opportunity to run outside so all the trapped energy had to be caged in the classroom, so to be fair, I can't blame the lil ones if they were a little more rowdy than normal. At the end of the day, there were tears because they wouldn't see me's interesting to see how attached a child can get. They actually want school during the weekends so that they can see me the next day. How sweet.

Today was a "dance in the rain" kind of day. Very rainy, but the sun was out. I love how it's like's also not that cold either. That way when you dance in the rain, you won't freeze. Singing in the rain is fun too.

Well, today was the end of a long preschool week as well as the start of a LONG wedding/event weekend. I pray that I survive. *laughs*