Thursday, February 10, 2011

I smile.

It's been a long week. Oh mandope, it's been a long week. This is my first week teaching the younger two year-olds, and I do have to say that it's just as challenging as I thought it would be, and more. I miss my four year-olds. They are constantly asking me, "Aunty, when are you going to come back to our class?!" and they still bombard me with hugs at every opportunity, including "sneaking" in my classroom to tell me something that happened or to just give me a quick hug. I miss them. All 22 of them.

But I love my two year-olds. There are only nine of them, but they are a handful. I think that it's so fun to watch them learn. They are SO manipulative! You can tell the "sweethearts" from the "stubborn" ones; and they ALL will do ANYTHING for attention. They are still learning how to share and use their words. I love this age where tickles and hugs heal everything, and where forgiveness is endless and concrete. They hold nothing against you.

Art is a must. And the messier they get, the more happier they are. Shiny things fascinate them and somehow when using glue, they find some way to get it everywhere. Eating is a mystery as well. A tiny ping-pong size muffin for breakfast magically creates a crumb carpet under their chair and crumb mustaches on all their faces, but somehow they are "full" already.

The sounds of passing sirens stops them in their track; it doesn't matter what they are doing, but they will drop everything and run to the window and wave frantically even when the sirens can't be heard anymore. Trucks have the same effect, and it doesn't matter what kind of truck, they are all amazed by the big trucks that rumble down the street. Sirens and trucks have the magic ability to hold them captive for at least 10 minutes, a miracle in itself.

My little two year-olds are quite the bakers and cooks. Every time we go out to play, they run their little legs over to the sandbox and proceed to "bake/cook" me chocolate, pancakes, cookies, mint-chocolate chip ice-cream, cupcakes, oatmeal and every imaginable food and drink possible, including my everyday cup of "coffee." The playground transforms them into little "monsters," "princesses," and "sailors" that run around and around. They will find every tiny rock, feather, leaf, caterpillar, ladybug and ant.

Helicopters and airplanes will have them running in circles with little "hi's" being yelling into the sky and they will watch and follow the butterfly until they flit past the chain fence. They will run, jump, crawl, tumble, and "fly" everywhere. And randomly they will come up to you and grab your leg in hugs before going off on their next "adventure."

Yes, I miss my little 22 four year-olds, but I love my little 9 two-year olds. The age group is two years a part, but they are so different from each other. But they all make me smile.