Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Wedding #2

Frustration ran through my veins last night. More like boiled through my veins. I was so frustrated!! Last night was my first time working with "frogs" instead of oasis, it's a more green approach, and I hated it. Or maybe I was just tired...or it could be the fact that I had to skip out on the Valentines friend's date to a Moroccan restaurant...more likely I was frustrated because the "frog's" didn't like me was enjoying giving me a HARD time!

What is a "frog" in floral terms?! It's like a 2 inch green circle with lots of...uhm, nails sticking up sharp end [about like an inch or so up] and you "putty" it on the bottom of the container you use and you stick flowers in it to create your arrangement. And it's a lot harder than you think to use them. First off, the arrangement that I was creating was suppose to be "lushes." How are you going to put a lot of flowers in a 2 inch circular space?! And to make matters worse, the frog would start floating to the top after the flowers were finally settled in! I had to do three arrangements over again because of the frog, when if I used an oasis, I would have been able to do the 6 arrangements in half the time. For reals.

I finally got the art of using the "frog." And yes, I am quite proud of myself. I did give up last night, and came in early this morning to figure it out. I swear, I dreamed about it last night trying to conquer this difficult "frog," because this morning, I did it! I still prefer to use oasis, "frogs" are not my friends. But if it's a more green approach, then I should start learning how to use the damn thing without wasting so much time.

For this wedding SO MUCH HYDRANGEAS! As well as a lot of pink spray roses. For some reason, the white spray roses and garden roses didn't open! Why?! We did every trick in the book, and still they did not open. I guess I will have to research what went wrong, but I'll find out, because this is the second time the spray roses didn't open. At least the white ones, the pink one's opened beautifully! Oh, I love roses!

We had to make our "lollipop" hydrangeas again...that's going to be difficult to transport and set up! Oh well, we'll make it. Anyways, here are a few pictures that I took of some of the arrangements and flowers. If I have time, I'll take more pictures at the site. This is our first Japanese account, and it was difficult on it's own because we don't speak Japanese and they don't speak English. So if we make it in today, we'll be set for a long time! Wish us luck!

 We had ordered so many hydrangeas for this wedding...that the place that we ordered from made a mistake! They sent us a box of BLUE hydrangeas! We were in a panic to know if we had enough hydrangeas or not...but we did! But now we have this bucket of beautiful blue hydrangeas! We have ideas of what we can do with them.

 We made four "lollipop" hydrangeas. I call them "lollipop" coz that is exactly what they look like. White lollipops on a tall vase!

 My boss, the beautiful founder and boss and designer/florist of Passion Roots, Shilhi
 The studio gets pretty messy before an event and it does take forever ever to clean...but the room smells wonderful! Full of flowers!

Here is my work space and some of my floral arrangements. The ones in the back are the ones that I had to do with "frogs," what a pain!! But I did it! :)