Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Wedding #2 [Continued]

Another successful wedding. It's kind of cool how many emotions you can go through when creating the atmosphere of a wedding. Yes, creating the atmosphere. When you are asked to design and decorate the wedding, I believe that is creating the atmosphere, because the decoration and design help the ambience of the whole shebang.

No matter what I'm feeling, I know that I start a wedding with anticipation of what is to come. A little anxiety as well, because I learned that you can't control everything, and so I know that I get anxious wondering what is going to happen to be my challenge "this time." Then I go through all the emotions...literally. All.

This time frustration was a big one. But I got through with it!

This is the first time that I'm working with the new intern, Marci. She is really sweet and I feel really easy with her. She is a couple years older than me, but we relate a lot. She has had experience working with flowers before, so she knows the works, and she is really down-to-earth. I love how she randomly starts dancing when she hears music and she fast at what she does. I'm glad that Shilhi has added an awesome intern to the Passion Roots team.

This was our first Japanese wedding at the Kahala Resort. Super nice place...the people were nice, and I have to say that there were a lot of hot men there! They were so helpful too! *laughs* I didn't get to take any pictures because of miscommunication we only had 1 hour to prep everything. So we were in a rush to set everything up and a rush to leave before the guest started to arrive. My boss did manage to rush capture a few shots on her iphone though.

There were only 30 guests so they had wanted a long decorated table to be made. Four [you can only see three here though] "lollipop" hydrangea arrangements with green ameranthus [this is also what we used for the other wedding that we did last weekend, but I couldn't remember the name!] hanging. And six low centerpieces made of hydrangeas, baby pink spray roses, pink sweet pea, pink lisianthus, and dusty miller and lemon leaf for the foliage. 

On the table were also fake wax candles and 72 crystal candle votives with fake candles inside. 

There were four cocktail tables outside though with small arrangements: 2 hydrangea/dusty miller arrangements with shell accents in the clear container and 2 miscellaneous decorative shell arrangements. Outside it was also decorated with green mason jars with candle votives hanging on the tree and placed strategically around the outside.

Here is a little bit closer up picture that my sister managed to take before we had to rush away.

I wish I had the time to take a picture of the ocean. It was perfect. Serious, it was super perfect that I regret not bringing my bikini with me to take a dip in the ocean. It was perfect for paddle boarding.

Here are two of the six smaller centerpieces that Marci and I worked on. [With the dreaded "frog" pins!] It was the last picture we took before we packed up to rush to the site! I still really do love the hydrangeas and baby pink spray roses together!