Monday, February 28, 2011

End of February

So it's the last day of February, 2 and 40 mintues before midnight and I just want to recap everything that has happened this month that was worth remembering, at least to me.

This month seemed to go REEALLY slow! I don't know why! By the time it hit the 9th of February, I was so ready for it to be over already!

Nearly all my weekends I was doing a wedding. The weddings were gorgeous! As all weddings were. In ever wedding there were hydrangeas and roses of different kinds. Pink seemed to be in all the weddings too. This month was definitely filled with love.

I missed out on having a Valentines because of work. :( That was my bummer.

Let me see, I went to town this month to take the New Employee Training. That was SO boring! I thought I was going to fall asleep! Don't get me wrong! I appreciate and understand why it's important to attend, but it was just so non-fun! I personally think that I can be a preschool teacher because I have the energy to work with the children, without getting TOO tired out [because I do get tired out at times], so making me sit down for more than an hour is torture for me. Even just 15 minutes sitting still is impossible. Five minutes even! But I did learn a lot. 

The last day though, the teacher fell and the class had to cancelled because she had to be rushed to ER. Not fun. I hope that it's not going to be all the way in Ewa Beach! There are rumors that it is! I hope that it's just that rumors and nothing true!

We have got a new girl in our class. She is my every day challenge and I love her for that. I can understand why she is acting like that since my boss told mer her background. My heart hurts for her, but I know that she can make it, and she is her own person, her parents do not define her, so I am working with her. But she challenges me everyday. She is a beautiful little girl, inside and out, and I know that she can make it. 

I didn't get to go swimming as much as I wanted too. Nope, I didn't. I did go swimming whenever I could, but I didn't get to go as much. Last weekend, I made up for it a little but, but I miss swimming. It was way to busy and I seriously had no time...hopefully since this "love month" is now over, I can start a schedule up for swimming. But then again, the other day as I was swimming I was out in the "ocean deep" with my brother and friend Kaleo, and we were trying to touch the bottom [they say that I float like a cork in the ocean! *laughs*] I hit a coral; I felt super bad, and now my leg hurts! Never again!

Well, I'm "talking" to someone. Well, I shouldn't have put that in "quotation" marks, but I am. I know that I will try my best not to get it get carried away, because I don't do long distance, but I sure miss him in my life. Lets just say that he is one of my best friends, and he was one of the reasons why I was able to get through things that happened in the Philippines. For a few months we lost contact because his over-jealous girlfriend was making our friendship [mine and his] a big deal, and I didn't want to mess anything up, so I laid low, now that they are broken up, we are back to talking again. So yeah, I shouldn't put "talking" in quotations, but it is.

My brother's ran in the Great Aloha Race. This was their first race, and I am so proud of them. They are continuing to train for other races. I am trying to train for swimming races since I like to swim better than run.

Oh, I talked to my parents more since they were able to get a wireless up to the rural area where they do mission work. The connection is SO crazy, that it's hard to keep patience when the phone keeps hanging up, but it's okay coz it is so good to hear their voices again. 

I went tidepooling for the first time. That was super fun! I loved it! And I would LOVE LOVE to do that again!

Well here's to February. I'm happy you're over, but I'm glad you happened. 

"Away in a meadow all covered with snow/The little old groundhog looks for his shadow/The clouds in the sky determine our fate/If winter will leave us all early or late"-Don Halley