Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, this week has been a different from the other weeks because in the mornings I had to go to town for a new employee training thingy, and it was suppose to end today, but when I got to school [I would work for 1.5 hours before driving to town-Honolulu-to go to the training classes, then after the classes I would come back to work!] this morning my boss, Charlotte, said that today's classes in Honolulu was cancelled because the lady who was holding it today fell and hurt herself! Oh no! I hope that she's okay...she was older, and I know that when you're older it takes longer to heal.

But anyways, during my break [1:30-2:30pm] I was SO tired, so I came home to take a quick nap. I was sleeping when all of sudden I thought my bed was shaking. It wasn't that strong...and then all of a sudden for like 5 seconds or so, it was a pretty strong shake and my sister yells "Earthquake!"

As soon as it was over, I dozed of again, but I couldn't help but remember when I was in school, elementary school, we would have earthquake drills because they were so frequent in California that we had to prepare ourselves! But mandope! First thunder and lighting last night and earthquake today! I hope that's it for a long time!

"Sometimes you have to get hurt in order to grow. Sometimes your vision clears only after your eyes are washed away with tears."