Saturday, February 19, 2011

Car Accident.

Yesterday was a good day for work. I only had a staff meeting that lasted from 8-10 in the morning and then I was free for the rest of the day to do other things. I got home and changed and started to fix the house. My sister was all dressed up, and so I asked her, "Where are you going?!" She was on her way to do errands for Passion Roots [we have a BIG wedding tomorrow and so EVERYONE was running around for that one!]

"You want to come along?!" I then got a call from my boss telling me that my sister told her that I didn't have [preschool] work today, and did I want to come in to process flowers "I have more than 5 boxes from Watanabe to be processed," I came in, Shilhi brought me.

Marci also came in to help me, and we were dancing and processing at the same time. She is a fun person! When Marci exclaimed, "Your phone is ringing!" I picked it up and it was my sister. She was in an accident. She ended up going to ER, she had a pretty bad whiplash. And her back was killing her.

According to her, the car in front of her had their blinker on to turn, so she stopped [since there was no way to go around the car], but the car behind her, which was about a house length away, wasn't paying attention and banged into her going about 40 mph. He then proceeded to yell at her, telling her that she can't accuse him of hitting her when she didn't see who hit him. No one did.

My sister, who was hysterical, called her husband. A lady had stopped and was trying to help her as well, and I guess my sister had also called the police because the guy who hit her was being verbally abusive and made like he was going to hit her!

More later! I have to go!