Monday, February 21, 2011

Car Accident [continued]

Well, just to finish my other entry that I had to cut off so suddenly, my sister is okay. The insurance people keep calling me now because it was my car that she was using and their favorite questions seem to be, "Do you and your sister live in the same house?!" [Me: yes] and the next question, "Did she have permission to drive your car?!" [Me: Uhm, no. We just live at the same house and my car just happened to be sitting in the driveway and she stole it...!! OR COURSE she had my permission!] I hope that they fix my car soon though, the back is all messed up.

My sister's back is all messed up. Her neck too. It's no lie. The guy was such a jerk though to my sister. Boo!! But I'm really happy that she is okay...and that although she did get hurt, it wasn't too bad [although a bad back and sore neck is pretty bad, it could have been worse, way worse.]

So even though I may not always see eye to eye with my sister, I would like her to stay in my life for a lot longer.

"Big  sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life." - Charles M. Schulz