Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beginning of February.

The month of love. Also the month that I least like...because of all the lovey dovey things that are all over the place! *laughs* Naw, I'm no hater, maybe I'll change my tune when I finally am ready to face commitment. But for now, I can juss get all kilig from everyone elses' love story.

I am starting this month with a sore throat! Oh mandope, does my throat hurt...with a nasty cough to go with it! I swear is from talking all day with little kids. You know how they get asking all these questions and you have to be constantly talking to keep their attention span. I started so fast! I remember going to sleep last night with an itch in my throat, but feeling fine when I woke up this morning. Then as the day progressed my voice kept getting scratchier and scratchier! Until finally one of my four-year old little man asked me, "Auntie are you hiding a frog in your mouth!" *laughs* Oh how I love "my kids!"

I hope that this doesn't last too long, because it's not something that I like to deal with! I have to talk! I would slowly die if I wasn't able too. A form of torture for me really. I hope that this is the worst and that tomorrow I would forget that my voice failed me today.

My preschool schedule and class changed today as well. I use to teach the older fours, the ones who were getting ready for kindergarten already. But not I am with the younger two-year olds, and let me tell you it's such a big difference! They are so quiet. There are 22 children in my four year old class and only 9 [at the most! Today there was only 7] in my younger two year old class! Since the other aid walked out on us, and there is suppose to always be at least 2 staff with the younger twos, I was moved into there, but when they hire someone else, I will go back to my four year old class. Hopefully. I miss them.

My time changed as well. I use to work from 9am-6pm...but now I work from 7:45am to [supposed to be] 4:30pm. But it all depends, I could leave at 4:30pm like I am supposed to , or 4:15pm, or like today I left at 4:45pm. It all depends on if they need extra staff towards the end of the day.

This month, I want to go swimming more. Since I get out earlier now, I would like to try go to swim after work. I love swimming and it's a good work out. I will either go to the public pool or the ocean. Kailua Beach or even Lanikai would be nice. So that is my goal this month.

And every month my friends and I want to go hiking some place. Last month was Kahana Bay Valley...this month, I'm not sure where it will be. But that's what I would like to do this month as well. And if I can lose 5-10 pounds this month, that would be phenomenal! :)

I know that since this is the love month, there will be a lot of weddings. So I was already asked to help with two. And my boss said that maybe there are two more that she would need my help in. It's good that I get out earlier, that means I can help more. [Ouch! It hurts to cough! >.<] I miss working with flowers! And I miss working with events/weddings...so that would be fun to do. Lets hope that I won't be too stressed out though!

I need to catch up with my letter writing, and so I think that I will be doing that this month as well. Catch up with my letter writing and postcard sending. I miss getting letters in the mail, so I need to keep up on those letters.

What else do I need to do this month?! Oh, I need to change my membership in church! I do not live in California anymore and I'll be here in Hawaii for awhile yet, so I would like to change my membership to here. So I need to look at that and see how that goes.

Well, I think I will take a little nap. It would aid in me getting better...well, my throat getting better because I feel fine except when I talk or cough it feels like sandpaper rubbing my throat raw! Not good. I'm drinking tea right now...should help a little at least...Oh well, here is to the month of February!!

"In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other." -Linda Ellerbee