Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Wedding.

Well, I did another wedding today with Passion Roots and Seasons Of Life at one of our Oasis Ocean Front houses. I stayed up really late on Saturday just doing floral arrangements and wedding craft projects and had an early start today to finish everything that I didn't get to finish the night before.

The colors were beautful: pink and white. The majority of the flowers that we used were hydrangeas and spray roses, although we used a variety of other flowers as well along with lemon and eucalyptus leaves as foliage. The theme was kind of confusing, European/Tuscany/Country and some other that I forgot, but we took out the "Moroccan" feel to it [per the bride! Not because we wanted too!] last minute. It was beautiful!  The main pieces that I did were the two front pieces where I used HUGE hydrangeas to make an arrangement and spray roses as accent pieces. Lastly, I inserted green cascading foliage [I forgot what they were called!!] on the sides to create that European/Tuscany look to it. I thought they were beautiful.

The place was beautiful. The bride was beautiful. All the venders were so nice and friendly with each other. Another successful wedding. Makes me smile.

 When I first put this in the water, I asked my boss, "Are you sure it's going to float?! Or is it going to sink to the bottom as an underwater arrangement!?" And she replied, "Just think of Baby Moses, he floated...and that is what is going to happen here!" And it did!

 Shilhi and I had to brainstorm really fast on how to spice up the reception table, because according to my sister it was "too boring!" and this is what we came up with. As we were taking this picture, guest were walking up to the doorway! Whew! Fast thinking!

 The Dendrodium Orchids were a nice touch to the place settings.

These took FOREVER to make!! But the end product was so beautiful! The spray roses made a BIG difference...and I love the combination! Such a romantic feel to it! They hydrangeas were really big I was really happy about that. These water-thirsty flowers are very much in demand this month as far as weddings goes, but that's okay, because they are one of my favorite flowers to work with.

We made three of these floating arrangements. I need to have more faith, I thought they were going to sink! The mirror alone was super heaving! Add the candles on top, there was no way it was suppose to float, but it did! And it had a beautiful effect on the whole atmosphere!

 Shilhi worked on the table center pieces. She used hydrangeas, white/baby pink spray roses, pink cymbidium orchids, eucalyptus leaves and dusty millers. She used medium/small clear glass containers with tea leaves surrounding the inside to create her piece. These were take-home pieces so I hope the guests enjoyed their flower arrangement pieces!

These birdcages weren't that hard to do, I used Lemon leaves [sprayed to shine], and placed white dendrodium orchid's sporadically around. And last minute, I wound white lithianthus buds around the wires.

Congratulations to the bride and groom!!