Monday, February 21, 2011

Another February Wedding: Sunday

Early start. I kept waking up at night, but when it was time to get out of bed, I didn't want too! But I did. We still had a lot to work on. The wedding was beautiful [and I can't wait until I get the professional pictures!], but it was a super long day! We had tried to do as many arrangement as we could last night at the studio, but a lot of the stuff we had to do onsite. It was going to be a long day.

And it was. With only one 15 minute break from 9am-7pm we worked. We worked on the ceremony site first and while they were doing the [LONG] ceremony, we did the reception. Actually we had to split up our time. We still had 12 long center pieces, 4 square center pieces, the sweetheart table, [I think it was] 10 tall pieces and other miscellaneous things to do! Oh yeah, and I can't forget the ostrich wreaths!

Here is when we were already at the wedding site. We were given an air-coned room to work in. Here are the bridesmaids bouquets and the brides bouquet, right beside the lysol wipes and behind the small glue gun [the one laying down] you can kind of see the grooms boutonniere.

You can't really tell, but here are the 12 long center pieces. *laughs* I guess I will have to wait for the professional pictures to come out so that I can post one that actually looks like a proper arrangement!

 Here is a better shot of just one of those 12 arrangement. Simple, yet beautiful.

The Ostrich Wreaths! These were fun to play around with! Aunty Daisy was the one who glued the feathers onto the wreaths that Marci made with the curly willow back at the studio Saturday night. At the site, Marci colored the wreaths with purple/pink cimbodium orchids, using both the flowers and the buds. She also used bear grass. 
Hands down there were the prettiest "flowers!!" I love my brothers!
Taking down the decorations was scary! I had to stand on top of a 6 foot ladder! But I have to admit that the decorations were beautiful...I was worried about the ostrich wreath, but they turned out beautiful, and gave just enough color to make it look beautiful!

This is Aunty Joyce. She worked on the tall Ostrich arrangements. Here she simply used ostrich feathers branched out and later on added bear grass to give it different textures.

Aunty Joyce is VERY talented in her designs!

 Shilhi and Aunty Joyce hard at work trying to get the pieces done.

You can't really see it properly [I never said I was a photographer! *laughs*], but this is one of the tall center pieces.

Here is a side view of the menorah tree and the table card settings.

Sweetheart table. I LOVE the flowers used here!!
Another shot of the sweetheart table.

I did take pictures with my sister's camera of when everything was all set out...but I'll post them up later. But this is behind the scenes of a wedding! Enjoy!

Marci and I taking a quick picture before going back to work.

"You asked me what was wrong, and I said nothing. Then I turned around and whispered, 'everything.'"