Monday, February 21, 2011

Another February Wedding: Saturday

Saturday. For a short few hours I had a break from working. I do try to go to church. I have this thing with God,  as long as He doesn't give up on me, I won't give up on Him. But I do have to say that I struggle with going to church every Saturday. I feel like I'm just going there to hang out with friends. I know that even if I do decide to stop going to church, I won't give up on God. So many things have happened in my life that I can see His hand in it. Coincidence?! I don't know...I'm pretty sure the Big Guy up there had something to do with it.

We were going to go to this Sand Castle competition on Kailua beach...but as we were going out to the truck [Kaleo's truck], it started to rain. Not that hard. So the boys all jumped in the bed. Tracy, my sister and I along with Cicco sat up front and Kaleo drove. We had gone maybe a100 feet when the heavens opened it started to rain! The boys in the back made motions to keep we started to have fun...stopping, breaking fast...not slowing down for speed bumps, and we girls up front made an executive decision that we would stop to get shave ice to see if the rain will let up.

I guess everyone else had that idea as well, because the place was packed. I love Island Snow. The ice isn't as smooth as other places...but I do love the shave ice there. But on Saturday, it was pretty packed. We got our shave ice [I usually get regular with ice-cream on the bottom, snow cap, lilikoi, snazzberry, and raspberry-the blue one...YUMMY!]. And we waited for a bit to see if the rain would let up, it didn't so we ended up going back to our house...everyone this time smashing in the cab up front since it was raining pretty hard.

Well, we got home, and everyone decided to go to town to go to the Heath Expo that the Aloha Run was holding. [Yay! For my brother's who ran it today! 8 mile race!]..bu that was in town...and lucky me, I had to work that night, so I decided not to go, coz it was already 3pm. And it's like 1 hour to get there, 1 hour to get back...and so only an hour there...coz I was going to start working at everyone had fun and...

I went to work.

 I realize that I didn't take that much pictures of us doing arrangements and stuff because we just wanted to get as much as we could and get out of there. But the first thing that I did was work on the menorah tree with the gems. I used these really cute, small half circle oasis that was stick on the other side and stuck them on the tree and zip-tied it to be safe. Then I started out with pink carnations. On site [Sunday] I added fuschia pink spray roses.

Here's a closer shot of it. There were a lot of the gems. When I first saw what I was suppose to do with this tree I was thinking, what IS this!! [You can see the ostrich feathers in the back too!] I was kind of "iffy" about this tree, but when we put it on the sign-in table with the elegant table cards, it look really nice!

 Bridesmaids bouquets. It was very interesting to make. At first it didn't look like it didn't have a form, but it's what the bride wanted. It was made out of 10 or so purple stalk, then 2 pink dendrodium orchid stems, 2 purple dendrodium orchid stems, fuschia pink spray roses, green amaranthus, bear grass and curly willow. These ones haven't been dressed yet. 

Another shot of the bridesmaids bouquet. There were seven of them.

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out."-Walter Winchell