Monday, February 21, 2011

Another February Wedding: Friday

Starting last Friday, I helped with this last wedding that happened yesterday at the Ihilani JW Marriott Hawaii Hotel in Ko Olina, Oahu. Oh, it was so beautiful there! The people there are so friendly as well. Working in the wedding industry allows me to enter these beautiful 5 star resorts and get to know the people and work some "magic" to create a "magical" moment for a young [or old!] couple.

This time at the Ihilani Hotel it was a very interesting, but beautiful wedding. The couple met on e-Harmony, and the way they interact with each other brings a smile to my face when I think back to the wedding. They are so happy and the bride was so beautiful. Her dress was AMAZING! I can't wait until I get the professional pictures of the wedding..her dress was beautiful! She had two of them!

When I first got to the studio on Friday [I was processing flowers when my sister called me about her accident!], I was overwhelmed with the heavenly smell of the garden roses. They are SO beautiful! [Note: I want fuschia pink garden roses at MY wedding!] The past weddings that we had done this month were all Victorian like weddings with lots of traditional "romantic" flowers...lots of whites and pale pinks...all beautiful...but this wedding was a breath of fresh air. The first thing that you would notice [if you had a stuffy nose and couldn't smell the flowers!] if you had walked into the studio that Friday morning as the bright colors! Super bright purples and pinks and lots of tropical greens and tall curly willows. And boxes. Lots of boxes with purple vases. And a couple boxes of HUGE ostrich feathers! Oh, and can't forget the white menorah tree and a box of different pinks and purples gems tied on purple ribbon. And pearls. Pearls GALORE!

I have to admit I was kind of scared for this wedding. It was a "no-theme-but everything-theme" kind of wedding. Lets see, where do I begin. Lets start on Friday. I processed A LOT of flowers with Marci. We had a lot of fun processing too. I'm telling you, this girl is really amazing and I really admire her coz she is going through a tough time, but she is staying strong and not dwelling on what could have been. We had the music bumping really loud and we were dancing and talking and of course, processing flowers.

We got there at 11:am [well I got there at 10:30am to unload the boxes of flowers], and there were SO MANY flowers we estimated our time  to finish by 2:pm...we were having so much fun that when were were through and we looked at the time it was only 1:30pm! We're good. :)

 Fuschia pink spray roses, ameranthus, purple stalk, pink dendrodium orchids and pink/purple cimbodium orchids.
 Fuschia Pink Garden Roses

 I'm sad coz all the spray roses didn't open as they were suppose to. I don't know about the place were we order our flowers...but this is the third wedding that not all the spray roses didn't open. :( But we had a lot...and we were able to work with what we had. The closed ones were also pretty too.

 More spray roses and white and pink/[purple cimbodium orchids. There were SO many orchids it was crazy! But they are SOOO pretty!

 You can see the open spray roses in the front and the ones that we tried to process again to try to help them open in the back...and if you look towards the right, you can see my favorite Billy Bobs! But no, we didn't use any in this wedding...I'm telling you, those Billy Bob's last FOREVER! I love those little balls of sun!

 Curly Willow, Tea Leaf branches and some green tropical leaf. Oh, and bear grass. I like working with bear can come up with SO MANY designs with them!

 Another picture of the beautiful flowers...this was not even half of it! I guess I forgot to take a picture of the other side of room! We also had two buckets of white hydrangeas, purple dendrodium orchids, as well as purple/white dendrodium orchids too. 

We had so many beautiful orchids, I know that my dad would have LOVED it. Back when we all use to live in California, my dad had the best orchid garden thingy...and roses. My daddy use to give me a rose when they were in bloom whenever he saw a beautiful one. Also a spray of orchids whenever there were in bloom. I miss my daddy.

"Earth laughs in flowers." -Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Hamatreya"